Living for the future: The technique to tackle your excuse

living for the future

(Living for the future: The technique to tackle your excuse)

Why are you not living your dream life?

What’s the thing that comes to your mind on thinking about the question mentioned above? Keep that thing in focus because that’s the excuse holding you back.  It doesn’t matter that how important that thing feels because if you didn’t let it go the results won’t be the ones you are dreaming of.

The list of the excuse that holds people back is pretty long and ranges from things like family, partying to society. We always focus on the stuff that we need desire right now. And most of the time, we sacrifice our futures for these items. You may think that you have time to start working on your dream car, house or life but the time is never enough for anyone. The distractions always make their way to seek our attentions and steal our focus.

Living for the future: Being a human, does this happens when you try to study, work or do whatever is important?

If yes, you’re lucky because it can be tackled easily by finding a reason you to do it. The reason which is bigger, more powerful than all your excuses. A reason or desire that’ll keep reminding you why it is important and why you have to do it.

Always keep in your mind that you are not going to do your jobs, study or any of the struggling for your friends, son, daughter, parents, wife or even for the present you. You’re doing all of it for your future self. Depending on the actions that you take today he/she would thank you or get angry at. It all comes down to you. It’s what you do, work for or let go which will make the 19,25,36 or 70 years-old you proud of the life he has lived or regret all of it. Don’t leave him disappointed on you for not tackling the excuses when you knew what you wanna be in the near future.

“The only tomorrow you have is the one that you create today”. You have the power to either let the excuses take your dreams away or to force the future to be thankful for his past.

Choose wisely.

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