toothpaste and toothbrush

This is an about product design which goes back a few decades. How many of you remember the toothpaste tubes that had a small opening of about two millimetres for squeezing out the paste? Any idea how and why that two-millimeter opening increased to about eight millimetres in today’s tubes? The company to increase its sales and revenue initiated an open competition to suggest anything that could facilitate or increase their sales.

One person gave a suggestion to just increase the size of the tube’s opening. Although considering it to be a dumb and irrational idea it was implemented on a trial basis. And as they say, rest is history. The whole rationale behind increasing the diameter was to increase volume consumption. The inherent characteristics of a smaller diameter opening restricted the volumetric consumption of the toothpaste. With the increase in size, consumption increased, reducing replacement cycle, and thereby increasing sales.

A small insignificant looking change, albeit with a huge impact.Thinking Small to Gain Big.

According to a research conducted in China in 2006, which consisted of 17 Chinese toothpaste producers, those firms with a larger share of market chose a bigger opening, i.e. shorter durability and made a remarkable boost in the sales.


Our negligence used as a trick and probably many of us might not notice this.

Soft drink bottles

Actually, both the bottles are sold at the same rates and with the same tag of 600ml. But the one having the sticker is a new one and that beside it used to come earlier. Same price but altered volumes. We barely consider such a little thing.

These were some of the examples of how our negligence is often misused and used against us and that is why we need to be a more attentive while purchasing these items….JAAGO GRAHAK JAAGO!!!

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