Martyrs Day


The day on which Sardar Bhagat Singh and his associates Sukhdev and Rajguru sacrificed their lives in the flame of independence of their mother land is celebrated as the Martyrs Day in India.

Bhagat singh, the eternal youth icon and revolutionary who inspired the whole country to strive for freedom by sacrificing his life at his country’s sake at a young age of 23 is forgotten!

How could we be so ungrateful? They dedicated their whole life to let us live as free people. They endured unimaginable pain to put smile on the faces of future India.

What did we do for them?

According to me, this is not the India they dreamed for, this is not the youth they sacrificed their lives for. We are disgracing their sacrifice by living like this!

We could respect their sacrifice by making our country the way they wanted it to be. We are the youth of India and it is our duty to lead it to its development.

The frustrated youth of now India who believes in blaming every other thing such as system, society, financial status etc. for their failure should start focusing on him and his work and should put his country as his first priority and only then everything will change. This will be our tribute to them. Circumstances will never be according to us, we need to challenge ourselves.

martyrs day

On the Martyrs day, SHAHEED DIVAS, I would love to take you to the thoughts of the eternal patriot and youth icon Sardar Bhagat singh which will surely inspire us to make this country a better place to live.

“my thought is that man created God in his imagination when he realized his weakness, limitations  and shortcomings. I don’t think that by strengthening my belief in god and by offering prayers to him every day , I can bring improvement in my situation, nor can I further deteriorate it .”

martyrs day

martyrs day

martyrs day

martyrs day

Jai hind! 

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