India is the 5th largest passenger car producing country in the world. Something to be really proud of. Isn’t it? Well, to be honest, NO! Despite new technology and updated tools, our cars do not even meet the safety threshold for running on the roads. Here’s a report on Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail:

Statistics of Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail

Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail

Shockingly India’s most pocket-friendly car MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT has lowest test ratings. It has got a big ZERO star for adult occupants and just ONE star for child safety.

Car Helplines suggest that Indian Crash Test Standards are done on Frontal Crash at a maximum speed of 48 Km/hr. This is a mandatory requirement, and all the cars sold in India have to pass the same.

But the reality is far different from the Crash Test Speed Standards. The maximum speed limit at which the drivers drive, ranges from 60 Kmph in cities and 100 Kmph on Highways and Expressways – leave aside the rules been flouted by Motorists.

India’s popular hatchback Swift and Nissan’s Datsun GO have failed crash tests conducted by Global NCAP, showing “high risk of life-threatening injuries” but the companies say they conform to all the regulations currently applicable in India.

NCAP’s Say to Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail

Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail

According to the Global NCAP (an umbrella body of consumer car safety testing), crash tests of Nissan’s Datsun GO and Maruti-Suzuki’s Swift demonstrated “a high risk of life-threatening injuries with both cars receiving zero-star safety rating for their adult occupant protection”.

“These risks would be significantly reduced if the cars had to comply with the UN test regulation for frontal and side impact,” Global NCAP said in a statement.

Global NCAP chairman Max Mosley said: “India has the potential to be a world leader in the automobile industry but Indian consumers are not aware of how unsafe they would be in the case of a crash.”

“If this happens, every new car sold in India would have a proper crash structure and airbags,” Mosley added.

According to Financial express, the Swift’s vehicle structure showed signs of collapsing in the crash. The car’s lack of standard-fit airbags meant that the driver’s head makes direct contact with the steering wheel. And the dummy readings indicated a high probability of life threatening injuries.

Suzuki’s Response to the Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail

Maruti Suzuki Swift Safety Test Fail

Reacting to the development, MSI said: “The cars manufactured and sold by Maruti Suzuki in India fully conform to all the regulations that are presently applicable in India.”

Maruti Suzuki India fully conforms to all the regulations of the respective importing countries, when they export their cars. Well, then why do we have to be the guinea pigs ALWAYS!?

Well, it’s high time to make the reforms instead of playing with lives of thousands. The lives which trust these companies who fail to deliver the smallest yet the most important promise -SAFETY.

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