Mental Disorders That Will Blow Your Mind


(Mental Disorders that will blow your mind) The well-being of an individual depends on the mental and physical health. In addition, it also depends on the association and healthy relationship with circumstances and society. You can easily detect the physical disorders like fever, jaundice, typhoid. However, it is more difficult for us to detect mental disorder. Most mental disorders remain undetected. In addition, these are equally painful and will drive you insane.

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Thus, you can go through this list of the mental disorders that are painful, stranger and yet harder to understand. Let us make the world an easier place to live in.

1. Apotemnophilia


The Apotemnophilia is a neurological disorder for the desire of amputation of a specific limb or the desire to become blind or deaf. You can also define it as an erotic interest of looking like an amputee.


a) The isolation and depression: The victims do not understand what they should physically look like, thus believing that the society would react adversely to them. In addition, they become depressed and isolated. It is our job to identify them.

b) Induced self-injury: The victims try to cause injury to themselves to get the limbs amputated.

c) Sexual interest: They sexually fantasize about themselves being amputated or amputated partners during erotic acts. Because sexual interest is something we do not frequently speak about, the disorder remains hidden. So, next time someone tries to self-harm, we should consider this as a possibility, too.


A combination of cognitive and behavioral elements that have been scientifically modified to change patterns of behavior and fetishes. These combinational therapies have significantly shown that there are reduced rates of recidivism than seen in untreated individuals

Cognitive treatment of behavioral focuses. The only therapy we have found for this provides aversive conditioning to deviant sexual fantasies.

2. Alice in Wonderland syndrome

Mental disorders: Alice in Wonderland syndrome
Syndrome Alice in Wonderland

It is a disorienting neurological condition that affects perception. Objects seem smaller (micropsia), bigger (macropsia), nearer (pelopsia) or far away (teleopsia) than they actually are if you have this disorder.

Signs and symptoms

It affects the sense of hearing, touch, vision and body’s image, too. Often people imagine their body to be growing smaller or body parts expanding. In addition, they might also lose a sense of time. They might have loss of limb control, dis-coordination, memory loss, touch and sound sensations, and emotional experiences. We must try to find out these syndromes and treat the patient.
The disease is called so because of the famous story of Lewis Caroll, Alice faces many situations like macropsia or micropsia.


Unfortunately, we cannot have any treatment apart from making the patient more comfortable. Not only this, migraine, brain tumor, can also cause it. Thus until these are cured, there is no treatment for Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

3. Wendigo Psychosis

mental disorders: Wendigo psychosis
Wendigo psychosis

It is defined as an intense craving for human flesh and the fear of becoming a cannibal. As we can see, this is a scary disease.


The initial symptoms are the distaste for ordinary foods, depression, greediness, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting.
Next, comes the desire to kill and consume.In addition, this might lead to an attack on humans.


Ingestion of fats and consistent lying about feeding them human meat. This is the only cure for this disease that we have found out.

4. Alien Hand Syndrome

Mental disorders: Alien Hand Syndrome
Alien Hand Syndrome

Scary as hell, the individuals suffering from Alien Hand Syndrome imagine their arm to be a separate entity, acting on their own and have no control over their actions. They would reach for objects and manipulate the arms without their will.


If you have this disease, the symptoms will include unawareness of the performance of the limb concerned; in addition, patients frequently exhibit “inter-manual conflict” in which one hand acts at cross-purposes with the other hand. For example, your left hand might hold a cigarette in the mouth while your right hand might throw it away before it is lit.


We have no cure for this syndrome. However, Keeping the alien hand to perform a task or grab something continuously can reduce it.

5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder

If you have this disorder, then you check things repeatedly, perform a particular task repeatedly. This includes- checking if the door is locked repeatedly, washing hands, switching off lights but checking again to confirm and so on. In addition, you might also say something repeatedly.


If you are a victim, you will have continuous doubts, feeling of restlessness. In addition, you will check on things repeatedly. Further, anxiety, stress, and depression will be your regular friends.


Counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, medication.

6. Cotard Delusion

Mental disorders: Cotard Delusion
Cotard Delusion

It is a rare mental syndrome where the patient thinks he or she is already dead, their body is rotting or an internal organ is lost. In addition, they might even isolate themselves because they think they do not belong to this world.

Signs and symptoms

If you are suffering from this mental illness you will deny your existence, the existence of a certain body part, or the existence of a portion of your body. As a matter of fact,  Cotard’s syndrome exists in three stages. Let us go through them:

(i) Germination stage—the symptoms of psychotic depression and of hypochondria appear;

(ii) Blooming stage—the full development of the syndrome and the delusions of negation; and

 (iii) Chronic stage—continued, severe delusions along with chronic psychiatric depression.

In addition, you will isolate yourself; thus believing you do not belong to this world.


We can use an antidepressant, antipsychotic drugs and mood stabilizing drugs. The depressed patient uses them. In addition, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is very useful in such cases. Thus, this is the curing process.

7. Fregoli Delusion

Mental disorders: Fregoli Delusion
Fregoli Delusion

The Fregoli delusion is one of the rarest mental disorders. A person holds a delusional belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise. This disease makes a person believe in Multiple Personality.


Signs include confusion, lack of self-monitoring, hallucination, self-awareness, the deficit in cognitive flexibility.


Antipsychoticsanticonvulsants, and antidepressants are used. The drug trifluoperazine is sometimes used, too. Therefore, this is its cure process.

8. Aboulomania

Menatl disorders: Aboulomania

One of the mental disorders includes the disorder of indecisiveness. As a matter of fact, this is a common disorder.  This disease causes you to possess psychological indecisiveness over petty matters. You will how great indecisiveness in the smallest aspects of life, in a greater extent than a fickle minded person. So if you think you are a confused soul, this is for you.


It is associated with anxiety, stress, depression and mental anguish, and can severely affect one’s ability to function socially


For curing this problem, we can use counseling and medications only.  In addition, we must also provide support to the victim.

So now you know the list of mind blowing mental disorders. Though these are brainstorming, you and I, we all want the world to be peaceful and without these traumatizing disease.

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