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The art of mind reading is magnificently wonderful. The power of reading one’s mind is one of the most powerful techniques applicable every day. ‘The science of deduction’, as famously called by ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is equally important to a teacher, who has to understand the mindset of students, a doctor understanding the mindset of a patient to even the vegetable sellers, knowing the mindset of customers, and of course, astrologists. Milton Erickson was renowned for accurate predictions. He knew about a condition ‘Chloasma’. It causes a mark on the forehead during pregnancy. Thus, surprised his colleague by declaring she is pregnant on seeing that mark. Note that, even her husband was unaware of the news.

Isn’t it astonishing? It is all in the knowledge and observation.

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Some of the mind reading techniques are given below. These are proven and time-tested.

1. NLP mind Reading accompanied by Hypnotics

Neuro-linguistic Programming accompanied by Hypnotics is by far the best way to read one’s mind.For example, When you say a person “Don’t you think there is positive energy somewhere around that we are feeling so energetic. Aren’t you feeling it?” They are going to respond with a nod. Use effective tones and words to manipulate.

NLP mind Reading accompanied by Hypnotics
Mind reading

2. Delayed echo

This is a very important tool. People usually like to talk about themselves, their ambitions, goals, the vacations, the places they had visited, their family. When they are engrossed in speaking, keep a note of those points. As you divert the conversation to something else, after some interval of time, people will forget what they said. Later on, based on the previous conversation, you can deduce much information about them in a particular situation. For example, your friend Nisha tells you she loves to have onion garlic. Next time you can smell onion from her breath, tell her she had onion garlic in the morning. She would be surprised.

Mind reading: delayed echo

3. Flattery

Oh yes. Everybody loves to hear good things about oneself. Now, it is important to note that when you compliment the other person, a comfort zone is created which makes the other person open up and say more about the qualities that the individual believes to have possessed. They’ll eventually tell you without realizing themselves. However do not over compliment someone so that they feel uncomfortable.

Mind reading: flattery

4. Cover all possibilities

This is perhaps the most efficient manner in which you can read one’s mind. For example: Say “You are patient and kind, helpful .. [watch reaction] [if the person is having a doubtful appearance add some negative qualities ] but sometimes you can get very depressed.” There you go, you have hit on several possibilities, this has to work.

5. Body language

A) When a person is leaning towards you, he or she is interested else not. Learning this is very helpful.

B) A firm handshake extrudes warmth and confidence.

C) Extremely speedy conversations show the presence of nervous energy.

D) Lowered eyebrows is a sign of anger.

Mind reading: Body language
Body Language

6. Eye movements

When the eye is moving to the left, reminiscence or remembering is taking place. Thus, people ask you to say something while looking at their eyes to prove your honesty. However, when the eye is moving to the right, the processing of creative thoughts is occurring. (The convention is reversed for a left-handed person).

Mind reading: Eye Movements
Eye Movements

7. Blinking

When this gesture takes place more often (6-10 times per minute) while speaking is a very strong sign of immense attraction and an evident sign of flirting too.

8. Pupils

You can read one’s mind by the pupils, because, pupils dilate when you interest someone, and contracts if not.

Mind reading: pupils

9. Eye contact

Though a persistent eye contact is good, however, if the eye contact makes one uncomfortable, probably the other person is hiding something or having a thought at the back of one’s mind.

Mind reading: Eye contact
Eye Contact

Mind reading helps you to influence a great part. It helps you have a maximum control because the reading of mind is all you require to impress someone. A mind reader isn’t only an interesting persona but the practice itself is a most mind-blowing work itself. To read one’s mind, one must have a sense of general behavior, human actions and most importantly: observation.

Thus, with these qualities, one can become a master of mind reading.

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