misfired tech predictions

(Misfired tech predictions) We humans, forever quick to making assumptions and predicting things well into the future, love to be proved wrong. After all, technology progresses at its own pace.

So here, we have rounded up 6 misfired tech predictions!

To begin with, let’s look at the predictions that have come through and have been smashed (or achieved, whichever you may), as of July 2017-

1. “No Chance Satellites would improve Phone, Telegraph or TV Services” –

At number 1 in our list of Misfired tech predictions is the prediction of improvement in phone and TV services using satellites. Craven, the Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission predicted that there was not a chance that satellites would be used for improving radio, TV and telegraph services. Unfortunately, Mr. Craven was proved horribly wrong. As, now, most communications are satellite-based and they are used for much more now, including Navigation, Weather Forecasting, the Internet, etc.

Misfired tech predictions
Satellite Predictions

2. “The Internet would implode in 1996” –

Robert Metcalfe, the man behind the ethernet cable, that we all use to connect to the internet, himself said that the internet would go “supernova” in 1995 and collapse horribly in 1996. He also said he would “eat his words” if proven wrong. True to his word, in 1997, with the internet still going strong, Mr. Metcalfe blitzed his printed statement using a food processor and drank the product of the same. Definitely, one of the greatest misfired tech predictions.

Misfired tech predictions
Internet Imploding

3. “Nobody would need Apps” –

The former Microsoft Chief Executive boldly declared that nobody would need any apps in the future “nobody uses those things”, in his own words. However, Mr. Balmer couldn’t be any wronger. Even then, that doesn’t change the fact that I am typing this on an App and you are reading this on an App.

Misfired tech predictions: Future Tech
No Apps Needed

Now, let us go look at the other end of the spectrum. At the predictions that are still out of reach and unachievable for today-

1. Flying Cars –

Many were quick to predict that cars would step into the aerial sphere around the late 2010s and the roads would be virtually congestion-free. However, it is 2017 now, and cars still run on the roads, and let’s not get started on the traffic. Traffic is still break-neck, perhaps worse than before, when cars were fewer in number (ah, the good old days).

Misfired tech predictions: Flying Cars
Flying Cars

2. Hoverboards –

No, I am not talking about those abominations on wheels that everyone calls ‘Hoverboards’. I am talking about boards that float properly, above ground level, with nothing in between, even float and travel on water. Apart from those two-wheeled abominations, actual hoverboards are still a long way ahead. So you will have to wait to fly and act like a total boss.

Misfired tech predictions: Hoverboard

3. Flexible Displays –

With the advent of smartphones that could do more than just calls and SMS, people were quick to get on the outlandish prediction bandwagon, the most striking one of which was the flexible and bendy displays that could be wound around your wrist, or folded like a taco. That is still quite a way away, so, guys, beware, if you drop your phone or try to wind it across your wrist, you will still break it.

Flexible display

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