5 Most Adorable Dog Breeds


(Most adorable dog breeds) Remember the latest release Boss baby, truly depicting the current scenario where dogs are the most adorable pets currently and literally having one of them truly overwhelms you with their loyalty for you adding on top of it. Consequently having a loyal buddy by your side makes you feel far more confident from within.

Here are some of the most adorable dog breeds to get along with kids 🙂


most adorable dog breeds: bulldogs

#1 Most adorable dog breeds: Securing the top position in the list, probably this particular breed admires you with innocence and will surely make you fall for them. Most noteworthy is their muscular broad shoulders, round dark eyes, small and thin ears rolling like a rose and a short tail add on to their royal appearance. You can never mistake them with some other breed as their appearance is their significance.

2. Bull terrier 

most adorable dog breeds: bull dogs

#2 Most adorable dog breeds: A gentle breed of dog that best fit as a family member, requires just a small yard and can live happily even in a small apartment as long as they exercise and taken care well, being the reason why children love enjoying and indulging with them.

3. Bichon Frise

most adorable dog breeds: bichon frise

#3 Most adorable dog breeds: This innocent delighted face can increase the curve of your face every time you spend a couple of minutes staring at them. Although fluffy white and puffy fir will need constant grooming to maintain that innocent gesture of this breed. These dogs can be kept in an apartment but they require constant exercise for restricting them to display behavior problems.

4. Collie

most adorable dog breeds: collie

#4 Most adorable dog breeds: The perfect example of a fluffy breed, extremely faithful to his owner and they love being surrounded by kids and engaging themselves in playful activities. Extremely clever and an obedient breed and can easily fit as a part of the family. Although they aren’t aggressive but will bark a warning and safeguard you if attacked.

5. Poodle

most adorable dog breeds: poodle

#5 Most adorable dog breeds: Poodles are to retrieve things from the water. Their “beauty without brains” image gives them little of the credit due. This breed is well identified with the UN-match able unique haircut. Though they require a regular care for maintaining the looks, they are adorable. 🙂

In addition, puppies easily connect to the family and are extensively loyal are love-worthy. Consequently, like any other family member, they should be properly taken care of in regards to their meals and regular exercises. And mentioning about the affection and loyalty of dogs I always admire Hachi.

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