(5 most expensive gemstones in the world) Gemstones today are like stars fallen on Earth. Not only because they shine, but because of their rarity, extremely high- prices and majestic beauty. This article uncovers some of the most expensive gemstones found on Earth, whose prices (based on the rareness, eminence, size, and quality) will literally blow up your minds.

Here’s a list of 5 most expensive gemstones in the world!

1. Pink Star Diamond

It might be hard to conceive the fact, but it is the utter truth. This beautiful diamond, scientifically proven to be perfect (unflawed from inside) was sold for US$ 48 Million on a cold day of the month, November in the year 2015.

most expensive gemstones in the world: pink star diamond

2. Oppenheimer Blue

The distinct elegance, the unparalleled beauty, and the gallant Cerulean; an absolute beauty. I am sure anyone must be dying to buy it and if you think that no one will be willing to do that, then let me share a fact with you. In the month of May 2016, an anonymous buyer bought the Diamond at a whopping total of US$ 50.6 million.

most expensive gemstones in the world: Oppenheimer Blue

3. Jadeite

This is neither a stone nor a marble, this is a really, really expensive gemstone that was apparently sold for more than 3 Million U.S Dollars. While many might complain about its beauty, it is its rarity that fetched such a high sum of money.

most expensive gemstones in the world: Jadeite

4. The sunrise Ruby

This picture is not photoshopped and neither is this ring fake. This is just the rarest Ruby worn by some common pair of hands. Known as the ‘Sunrise Ruby’, this is Earth’s most highly-priced Ruby. Sold at around 30.2 Million Dollars in the Month of May 2017; this is indeed a work of art gifted by the Earth to us humans.

most expensive gemstones in the world: sunrise ruby

5. Painite

This is no volcanic rock and neither a souvenir from Heaven, this is a beautiful gemstone made out of Painite. This stone is extremely rare and that’s what it makes it very expensive (Estimated to be around 60 – 70K dollars). The colors of this gemstone are truly striking. The Red color symbolizes lava, the cracks symbolizes thunder and the orange symbolizes life. This is truly a beauty!

most expensive gemstones in the world: Painite

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