(Must-visit places for book lovers) Books are man’s best friend. This is what is said and is definitely true! They take you into a world of surprises and fantasies. The world where we can dwell in whenever we want to. This is something every book lover will agree with.

The feeling of nostalgia on finishing a book like a part of oneself has gone missing. The urge to teleport oneself into the famous world one just read about, to experience what it would be like to live the life one had been reading all along. The wish to experience what the writer of the book must have felt while writing the book. The curiosity about what made the writer write that book in the first place. This is what every book lover has been through.

So, here we present some places for book lovers. A book lover should visit these places to get the experience of their lifetime, to live their favorite books again by visiting these places and taking these famous book tours.

1. Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland

At number 1 in our list of must visit places for book lovers is Dublin. Dublin, the city of Yeats, Mangan, and Joyce, is one of the most famous literary cities. When on a tour to Dublin one can visit the 18th century Trinity College Library which houses the illumined manuscript of the Book of Kells. Marsh’s Library, the Writer’s Museum, and the Chester Beatty Library are some other spots that will not fail to attract book lovers.

However, the main highlight is The Ulysses Tour. The famous Ulysses is about a day in the life of Dubliners. It takes place on 16th June 1904 (now known as Bloomsday), following the protagonists Leopold Bloom and Stephen Dedalus. The tour is a reflection of the ordinary day the book spans over.

It explains the history and legacy of the book with soulful music, artistic murals, and sculptures. In addition to this excerpts from the book will certainly be an experience of a lifetime to understand the book again. The tour is a must take for anyone on vacation to the famous literary city of Dublin.

 2. Bath, England

places for book lovers: Bath, England

The Jane Austen Festival should be added to the bucket list of every Jane Austen fan. The city of Bath, England celebrates the festival every year and is a must visit for anyone who adores Jane Austen. Then there is the Jane Austen Center which offers a glimpse into the society that inspired Austen’s unforgettable novels. The Center brings forth how Bath held an important role in impacting Jane Austen’s writing of novels like Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Thus, the city of Bath in England is at number 2 on our list of must-visit places for book lovers.

3. London, England


London, UK

London is a dream destination for every traveler and what’s even more, there is an added bonus for all the book lovers out there. For all the mystery seekers, there is the Sherlock Holmes Museum to start with. That is not just it as a magical Harry Potter Tour awaits all the Potter heads. Then there are the real life Downtown Abbey locations one could visit whenever the mood to freely wander sets in.

All this said a trip to London will be incomplete without seeing the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Broadway play, going to the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater for a traditional play and visiting the Charles Dickens Museum.

4. St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg

The cultural city was home to Lermontov, Tolstoy, and Nabokov and should be on the bucket list of places for book lovers, wishing to obtain literary nirvana. Vladimir Nabokov, the author of the acclaimed novel Lolita grew up in The St. Petersburg house which is now a museum. The famous museum holds precious timeless artifacts from Nabokov’s times like photos, Nabokov’s typewriter, and a butterfly collection. In addition to this, there is the Anna Akhmatova Museum. Anna Akhmatova is one of Russia’s most well-known poets. Her poetry mainly revolved around the role of women in the society. The museum includes her belongings and art exhibits. One can then get a tour of the places where the murder of Alyona Ivanovna was plotted in Crime and Punishment.

5. Paris, France


Paris, France

Paris offers a large variety of literary things to do for book lovers. It has been an attraction for artists and writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, etc.  One can start with visiting the famous Shakespeare and Company which is a home to countless treasures of new and used titles. Another option is taking a stroll around the cemeteries of  Simone de Beauvoir, Charles Baudelaire, Samuel Becket, Guy de Maupassant, and Susan Sontag who certainly are literary stars.

American Library is another destination to be marked on your to go list. The library hosts many readings and events and is the largest English-language lending library in Europe. In addition to this, you could satisfy your literary appetite by visiting the famous cafes such as the Manga Café, Tea and Tattered Pages, La Fumoir and much more.

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