(Popular myths about college life) College life is a part of life where one grows from a kid to an adult. College life demands from us, our own choices, own decision and allows us to be better. It is most unforgettable and irreplaceable part of our lives. It changes us in many ways. The campus, canteen, friends, painful lectures and the bunking all are one of the best memories of this phase. The girl you liked to the assignment completed at last moment to the hangouts with awesome memories all are great…right?
Well, college is not all great and glorious. I mean this how college life is depicted in most forms of media but today I share the cold facts and some shameful choices of college life that no one likes to admit out loud.

Let’s break down the myths about college life!

1. Mass Bunk

#1 Popular myths about college life: College is no school.You don’t like it when someone stops you from leaving. You can skip lectures to be productive, rest or hang out with friends. Some colleges are strict but students work their way out and everybody bunks. Well not everyone, there are some worms that never left school they are stuck inside class room on the first bench. They aren’t moving or leaving. They are attending!

Lectures are painful to the core. They can be important but everyone needs a break. So, bunking was born and attendance was reformed. Sadly, some colleges made it the sole purpose of their system to make every student attend every goddamn lecture (in the name of education but truly for the purpose of making us suffer).Well after this; we’ve grown to become tactical. We attend when most important and bunk with legit reasons and maintain attendance percentage of 75 % (we end up maintaining 60% but even that’s fine). Professors have come with incentives like double attendance (marking 2 lectures as present instead of one) and giving important study material to ensure maximum students attend their lectures.

One of the strategies in theory that should work and benefit all but never works is mass bunking. Mass bunking means all students bunk and no attendance lecture ever occurs. It is supposed to be off the record and unofficial. Some worms find a reason to attend the lecture (if professor is not coming, they make sure professor come). These people have a vendetta against the class and eventually attend lectures and become professor’s pet (earn double attendance and other incentives). Amazing are the people who secretly attend with ample of reasons like having low attendance (but having really high), not being informed about mass bunk, the professor saw us in college today and what not.

myths about college life

While some students never step foot into college and get away with it. Some students never step out of college campus and make others suffer. College is truly a learning experience. It taught me that mass bunk is a myth.

2. “Yeh semester mein K.T. pakka”

myths about college life

#2 Popular myths about college life: If the last point means anything is that people in college can rarely be trusted. This is fooling each other at a whole new level. Never trust someone in college after you have given an exam and the one who say “Goa plan pakka” (back on this soon).

There are semesters every now and then but there are also people who after every paper scrutinize the question paper for next few months. They tell you things and theories of how might they fail. They will end up making you believe that they will fail more than the fact you might. This doesn’t end here. They end up scoring all ‘A’ grades in every goddamn subject while you barely passed. My friend told he will fail and I said the same but he scored 100% (no kidding he topped that subject) and I just passed.

People saying “Iss Sem mein fail pakka!” are more dangerous than masked criminals. Don’t be surprised they both exist and hide in plain sight.

3. The Goa Plan

Goa with friends

#3 Popular myths about college life: Most of your college life is supposed to be fun. So, you decide to bunk lectures and go out with friends. You make plans some work and some fail. You enjoy with some friends and not with all. Eventually, there is this one guy after a year in college promises everyone that they will make a Goa plan and it will amazing. The plan can be with different places like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar and what not. Goa always is prominent and thrown around like a word but not a plan.

Goa with friends

The guy who planned all this will be the first to back out. The plan goes from “all in” to “Brothers wedding”, “Parents not allowing”, “short on cash” and “can’t make it personal issues” pretty soon.  Disturbingly enough for some, this is the state of every plan. You can be sometimes behind these reasons or sometimes in front of it.

Eventually, the plan happens and it is legendary but it is hardly Goa. While you will have more fun with your friends anywhere (the plan and place being just minor annoyances).

Finally, college life is not what most expected it to be the glorified parties, friends who will die for you, the fun never ends phase and the squad goals. Mostly it won’t be anything like the way you expected it. It will be completely different. It will have those silly things, sad humor, brothers in disguise, unexpectedly great plans, pointless arguments/misunderstandings, sometimes beautiful girls you crush on and often heart breaks. That’s what makes everyone’s college life unique, great and the one thing to remember for your rest of life. Ironically, if you have gone through everything these words want to say then my friend you are having a perfectly normal college.

These were some of the most popular myths about college life. There maybe more. Let us know about them in the comments section!

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