What Are Near Death Experiences (NDE)?


How does it feel to be disconnected from the physical world from your own body? How does it feel to move your body using the power of your mind?

What are near death experiences?

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE(NDE) is a term to explain the afterlife, a world beyond, a way to think the world in a different way. A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE is a personal experience associated with impending death, encompassing multiple possible sensations including:

  • Detachment from the body
  • Total peace and calmness
  • Feelings of levitation
  • Security, warmth
  • A presence of light with the experience of disintegration.


What are near death experiences? In spiritual terms, Near death experiences occurs when the soul leaves the person’s body and earthly realms and go to the other side, a side beyond thinking, where no alive person can reach and then returns to the body to live another day.
Near death is not just a theory in papers by philosophers but there are people who could see the things other don’t see. People who found themselves in an atmosphere of inner peace.
The earliest experience of NDE was written by Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato about a warrior named Er. He was killed in a battle but his body did not compose for several days like others. When his body was about to burn on a funeral plate, Er regained consciousness. He told that he saw planets and the world no one ever saw. Following are some of the most fascinating near death experiences:



In 1989, Don piper was hit by a truck and declared dead by the doctors. He regained his consciousness after 90 minutes. However, what he accounted was something really unbelievable. He said there was melodious music with pleasant smell. There he met his grandfather and many other departed familiar faces in front of a large gate.



While kayaking, in 1999 Mary Neal’s craft turned over. She was lying under water for up to 25 minutes, till help arrived.
When her soul was not of this world, NDE told her of the future which probably she did not want to know. It was about his 9 year old son who will die and nothing else was told. Unfortunately, the prophecy came true and a mother lost his son after 10 years in a car accident.



Colton Burpo was of 3 years when he was fighting Burst Appendix on a hospital bed and doctors feared the worst.
In his unconsciousness, he met a little girl who claimed to be his sister. In fact, his mother suffered a miscarriage while carrying would have been a daughter from which Colton was unaware. Furthermore, he also had a conversation with a man, “Pop” which later on was identified in the family photos as his grandfather, who had died long ago.


Many people across the world are survivors as well as visitors of an unfathomable place. Now decide for yourself whether their experiences offer a true catch into the afterlife.

Now you know what are near death experiences. These are strange yet magical in their own way.

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