17 Brand New Innovations In The World


We live in a world where everyday a new technology comes out these technologies are the changing face of the world. Every now and then we see new innovations which have the power to affect the economy and our politics, improve medicine, or influence our culture. So, here are some of the newest innovations. Some of them are developed now and others will take a decade or more to develop.

1. Reversing Paralysis

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Paralysis is when one’s own immune system turns against the protective sheath that envelops neurons in the brain. Researchers have been trying to come up with new innovations. Therefore, they developed an experimental treatment for paralysis by using brain implants to restore the movement that are gone due to spinal cord injuries. However, this approach may someday resist autoimmune disease in human beings.

2. Self-Driving Trucks

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Autonomous tech company, Otto has developed self driving trucks. The idea is based on the shortage of truck drivers and its tech can help add to the number of routes a human driver can handle. However, there are still questions about its safety and will it kill jobs of human drivers.

3. Paying with Your Face

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Face recognition is not a new technology but is good enough to rely on it. The company Face++ in China came up with this idea. This technology could bring quite some convenience to our life. It can be applied to huge platforms, even banking security to authorize payments, provide access to facilities and track down criminals.

4. Practical Quantum Computers

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Quantum computers are largely hypothetical devices that could perform some calculations much more rapidly than conventional computers can. Scientists have invented a new method that puts the construction of large-scale quantum computers within reach of current technology. Therefore, it is one of the most contemporary new innovations one could come across.

5. The 360-Degree Selfie

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360-degree fisheye cameras are a popular topic in the security industry today. In fact, 360-degree cameras represent one of the strongest areas of growth in surveillance technology. Furthermore, it has several unique benefits such as Comprehensive coverage as it offers the widest field-of-view available, without blind spots, making them ideal for wide areas.

6. Hot Solar Cells

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Solar panels have been around for a while now, but the materials they’re made from make them incapable of converting more than about a quarter of the sun’s energy into usable electricity. With this the researchers are experimenting an entirely new process for converting sunlight at high temperatures to raise efficiency.

7. Gene Therapy 2.0

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It is extremely expensive, and researchers have been attempting to improve efficiency for some time. This involves delivery of a strand of DNA packaged inside a modified virus; virus finds and injects this DNA template into cells across the body then body transcribes that DNA into proteins. The problem with this technique is that it’s often fairly weak.

8. The Cell Atlas

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Cells are the most fundamental unit of life, yet we know little about them. The Cell atlas would allow us to identify which genes associated with disease are active in our bodies, Moreover, would analyze the regulatory mechanisms that govern the production of different cell types.

9. Botnet of Things

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It is a group of hacked computers, smart appliances and Internet-connected devices that are co-opted for illicit purposes. Hackers have been using botnets by gaining access to unsecured devices. Lately, this connectivity of gadgets have made things worse.

10. Laser printed Nanotech

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A team of researchers at the Technical University of Denmark has developed a way to print colors onto a surface without using ink and which will not fade.  However, there is one problem with the technique it does not print green color. Researchers are currently working on this problem.

11. World’s first Spherical Drone display

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NTT DOCOMO developed what it calls ‘World’s first Spherical Drone Display’. It is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which displays LED images on an unidirectional spherical screen when in air.

12. 3D Printer creates Glass Figurine

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It is a method in which cartridges used are heated upto 1,000°C . Further, it isn’t limited to simple shapes and can mold glass into different patterns and shapes to create complex, elegant designs.

13. R2-D2: ‘Star Wars’ Droids exists

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The droids in the Star Wars universe played a key role in the movies. But how close are we to some of the real robots in our own universe. Thus, this article will tell you about their alike technologies that already exist.

14. Iron Man Style Exosuit
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A British inventor, Richard Browning built an Iron Man-style flight suit. The result was a new company, Gravity, which launched its first product, the Daedalus flight suit. The company claims Daedalus should be able to fly at speeds up to several hundreds of miles per hour.

15. Death Laser from Star Wars works

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The “super” laser brings together the power of multiple laser beams directed into a single intense output using an ultra-pure diamond crystal at the point of convergence.

16. Smart Jacket

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Google and Levi’s denim jacket is coming out this fall. This is the first of its kind and has been under development by Google since 2015. The Smart Jacket users will be able to use their mobile device like the users will be able to skip songs, use Google maps and make phone calls by just brushing their sleeve.

 17. Scientist at Disney research coverts entire room into Wireless Charger

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With our smart gadgets continuing to get increasingly powerful, battery power is one of the most important aspect. Researchers at Disney designed a chamber of aluminum-paneled walls with a central copper pole that creates electromagnetic fields that charges 10 batteries at once.

These new innovations are a proof of the fact that technology has really come a long way! Let us know about some really cool new innovations that you have come across. 🙂

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