Obstacles In Popular Professions


Who doesn’t want their dream job? Surely everyone does! We grow up dreaming about a certain job which we would love to pursue when we grow up. Little do we know they all come with some dirty little secrets than no one tells us about. When we go for an interview we get to know about the perks of it, but nobody tells us about the dark side. The truth is every job comes with a baggage. A baggage that we have to carry every day when we go to work! Here are some obstacles in popular professions:


obstacles in popular professions

Being a doctor is a matter of pride. It is considered as one of the most respectable jobs. But people know very little of what goes on behind that curtain. People often forget that the doctor is only human! They are defamed for scamming for their own profits. If something goes wrong it is blamed on the doctors as part of negligence. Thus, this profession is on top of our list of ‘obstacles in popular professions’.


obstacles in popular professions

Well first of all, though IT companies pay you more than the others, they also make you work long hectic hours as if they own you. Even if the users make any errors it will still be blamed on you! The biggest problem is that you become the technical support for all your friends’ home Personal Computer.


obstacles in popular professions

Nobody really understands the pressure one faces when serving hundreds of customers in a limited time with the food that tastes amazing, which is enough for all and at the same time is still hot! People tend to think being a chef is easy because all you have to do is cook. Whereas being a chef is much more than just cooking. People can’t imagine all the hustle bustle that goes on around in the kitchen and all the pressure of not disappointing their customers in any way. Even if the waiter disappears, the food turns cold, it is considered to be the chef’s fault.


obstacles in popular professions

Being a writer is a tough thing. Even after you have finished your writing process you have to brainstorm, read, revise and edit everything again and again until the publishers are happy with your work.


obstacles in popular professions

We’ve all heard news about mishaps in zoos due to negligence of people. Do you know who they blame for all this? Of course the zookeeper! They tend to the animals all day, take care of them; however are blamed for others fault. Is it less disturbing to be around ferocious animals that people add to their troubles?


obstacles in popular professions

Teachers overwork, over stress and are underpaid. Teachers should be applauded for their efforts but they feel unsupported due to lack of resources and technology. The amount of effort put in by the teachers is never really appreciated by anyone. They are under tremendous pressure all the time. However, are subjected to disrespectful and malicious behavior.


obstacles in popular professions

Taking thousands of pictures all day isn’t an easy task. Photographers put their heart and soul into their work taking pictures and editing them; only a few get selected. It is disheartening to see your work being rejected and your effort put to waste.


obstacles in popular professions

Working all day even in harsh conditions and still not getting recognized for all the hard work is what the actors get. Apart from some people born with a silver spoon others are all struggling to make their name in the industry. One film flops on the silver screen and your future is in danger. Making its way into our list of ‘obstacles in popular professions’.


obstacles in popular professions

Being a journalist is one of the toughest jobs according to me. One has to sometimes be in dangerous places to report a story. Journalism requires odd working hours. You have to be prepared at all times as you can be called anywhere anytime if something happens.


obstacles in popular professions

It is often said that architecture is a job for the “young and childless”. Female architects feel the burden particularly. The salary offered is too low. Moreover in the architecture department hustling is awarded more than talent.

Even when there are some obstacles in popular professions, these are some of the most secured and preferred job preferences.

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