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(THE ORIGIN OF MUSIC) Music is a sound that has been organized by using rhythm, melody, and harmony. Every day we immerse ourselves in melody we love and our subject to the music we dislike. Even when we are not consciously listening to it, it has subliminal influence that goes beyond just conscious emotions, altering our perception of time, spaces and our understanding of our inner self. Music is a universal language, everyone can relate to it. There is always some commonality between every vibe and that is the tune. Only the difference is the way of interpretation of tune by different culture or by a different religion. Music is a most basic element in every country and in their culture including social and economic organization and experience. Ever wondered what life would have been if origin of music did’nt happen!

Origin of music: The Eras!


Ancient Music

Era #1 Origin of music: The ancient period includes the historical development of the 10,000B.C.to 4 Century AD. Literally, there was no textual tradition in that pre-historic period. So, the archaeological finds some evidence of musical instruments like flute, whistles, harp, and dance. Also, there were subsequent signs of melancholy in rock paintings from the archaeological sources. Some references of dancing and singing with pipe, horn, and drums are also found from the sources.


Classical Music

Era #2 Origin of music: The fusion of the classical harmony period was characterized by melody and accompaniment. Indian classical vibe is one of the oldest melodic traditions in the world. The Indus Valley Civilization left some old sculptures showing dance and musical instruments like seven holed flute. In the classical era, various types of string instruments and drums were widely in use. Early Indian classical fusion also speaks of three accents and vocal vibe known as ‘samagan’ means melody song. The classical harmony of India includes two major traditions like Southern Carnatic and Hindustani Classical.


Early music

Era #3 Origin of music: This time period is also known as the medieval period. It represents the historical development from 4th Century AD to 17th Century AD.  During this melody period, several developments were made. The standard of melody life reached to a higher level in the medieval era with the help of some artistic musical instruments. Melancholy of this time period gives a brief explanation about the writings, emotions and other records. Several changes like the replacement of chant tradition, the reinvention of music history after five hundred years also took place during this era.


Modern music

Era #4 Origin of music: The modern period represents the historical development from the 17th century onwards. Modernism is nowadays playing very vital role in day to day life. With the passage of time, the views and choices of people also change. The modern music area has brought a big change in the music era with new freedom and experiments. The modern vibes use new musical styles, forms, instruments and become the most successful one among another vibe era. Modern melody includes Jazz, Hip-hop, Contemporary, and rock melody. It is also helpful for creating new way of expressing a new language.

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