We view fairytales as the children’s stories where we always see happy endings with a life lesson in it. These stories were not exactly how they seem now. Many of the stories were written with adults and children in mind and the events that occurred in these stories were fairly adult. But due to companies like Disney these famous fairy tales were modified according to the society. So, here are some of the famous fairy tales which will change your thinking and your childhood where you believed in them!


famous fairy tales

In the original version of this fairy tale the king found the sleeping beauty and decides to rape her in her sleep. She continues to sleep through her pregnancy and the birth of her twins. She wakes up only when one of the children sucked out the splinter from her finger which was keeping her asleep. This story doesn’t end here; the king decides to murder his wife to be with sleeping beauty. Not completely unfair because she tried to get him to unknowingly eat his children.


famous fairy tales

In the original story there is a newly legged mermaid walking but with each step she feels intense pain. She has only a day to find and marry the prince otherwise she will turn into foam. In the end, the pain she suffered is for nothing; the prince marries another woman and ariel is left heartbroken. Afterwards, her sisters give her a dagger to kill the prince and save herself. But she couldn’t kill him so as promised she turned into foam.


famous fairy tales

In the original version of this story, Cinderella’s step sisters go from irritating to psychotic. The sisters were so desperate to fit into the shoe that they decided to chop off the parts of their own feet. With the help of the birds the prince sees through their trick and found the slippers to be covered in blood. Further discovering the true owner of the slippers. In the end, adding insult to the stepsister’s injury, the birds poke their eyes out.


famous fairy tales

This fairytale is full of dark details which later changed. The queen orders the huntsman to kill snow white and bring her lungs and liver as a proof. After swallowing the poisoned apple she slips into coma. The prince decides to take her coffin and when the coffin falls, the apple removes from her throat thus waking her up. Snow white marries the creepy prince (don’t know why he was taking a dead girl’s body with him). When the queen shows up at their wedding she is forced to dance to death in red hot iron shoes.


famous fairy tales

In the original version the ending of this story is far more violent. The princess disgusted by the slimy creature, kept throwing it against the walls. Until the frog changed its form and turned into a prince. In the different version, the princess chops off the frog’s head and leaves him bloody and near death.


famous fairy tales

In some of the original versions of this tale, the wolf arrives early and chops up Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. Then he puts her flesh in the pantry and stores her blood in a wine bottle. When red riding hood arrives he offers her some food and drink. She accepts the offer and unknowingly eats her grandmother’s flesh. In another disturbing version of the story the wolf demands red riding hood naked and eats her alive in the bed.


famous fairy tales

In Carlo Collodi’s original version, after Gepetto carves Pinocchio the puppet turned boy ran away. He gets arrested by the police who assume that Gepetto abused him and Gepetto is sent off to the prison. Meanwhile, Pinocchio goes back to his house and accidently kills the wise talking cricket. He later gets hung from a tree and suffocates.

As children, I wonder how we would have been affected by these disturbing versions of famous fairy tales!

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