Good or bad? Right or wrong? There are always two ways. He didn’t know the goods or the bads or the rights or the wrongs. He could only smell the cocaine, ride on Learjet, could live the life of a king and could become the richest criminal ever.

Presenting King of Cocaine Pablo Escobar, mastermind behind the smuggling of 80% of cocaine into the United states and turning over US $21.9 billion a year in person’s income. He was born on December 1, 1949 and became the richest criminal in just 44 years.

Pablo Escobar, King of Cocaine

There are some facts about Lord of drugs you probably want to know:

1. Once when he was hiding and his daughter Manuela got sick, to keep her warm, father Escobar burned 2 million dollars. Love for his family was unpredictable.

Pablo Escobar with daughter Manuela

2. When the property of Escobar was withheld along with 142 planes, 20 helicopters, 32 yachts and 141 homes and offices Colombian authorities also found two submarines for transporting the drugs in the US and Spanish translation of self- help classic and power of positive thinking.

One of Escobar’s submarines

3. He was so rich that 10% of his entire earning lost to spoilage. Rats had all the bills.


4. With a total of earning around $25 billion, Pablo Escobar was the 7th richest person in the world.

Pablo Escobar’s wealth

5. The biggest cocaine shipment ever made by Escobar was of 51,000 pound shipped to US.


6. In his journey of the filthy richest man ever, he killed around 4000 people which includes 200 judges, 1000 police workers, journalists, locals as well as prominent politicians.

Pablo Escobar killed all those who came in his way.

7. Although he had the biggest name in the crime city, he was responsible for setting up of many hospitals and schools. Moreover, he was the Robin Hood for many poor Colombians. He established food programs, built parks, stadiums and more.

Pablo served many poor Colombians

8. Medellin Cartel was a network created by Pablo Escobar and approximately 15 tonnes of cocaine were shipped every day under that network.

The Medellin Cartel network

9. 27 year-old Pablo married a 15 year-old Maria Victoria Henao.

Pablo Escobar with wife Maria Henao

10. His greatest fear was extradition. No matter what happens he didn’t want to spend his final years in an American jail cell.


11. About 25000 people came to his burial in Medellin. Many of them were the poor Colombians to whom he distributed money personally.

Pablo Escobar’s burial

There are always two ways to a destination. Search Bloc shot Don Escobar in 1993 after 24 hours of his 44th birthday.

Always choose the right PATH, it will take you happily far And rest decide for yourself 🙂