Crappy Bollywood movies are bad. No one actually likes to spend their hard earned money or invest their time in watching those. But there is one other type of filmography that is on the rise particularly in Bollywood. That is the epidemic of “passable movies”. In my opinion, these are the kind of movies that are actually driving the younger generation away from the current film culture that Bollywood is nurturing. Now, this doesn’t mean that the movies are actually bad or their acting, direction, music is trash but it also doesn’t necessarily mean they are noteworthy either.

This has been going on for quite a while now. This has been happening mostly with Salman and Shahrukh Khan Movies starting with the former’s film Ready. This has 2 adverse effects. The latest addition to the list of movies that are just a “one time watch” is Tube-light. The screenplay is okay, the acting is below average the direction is on par with some of the movies, but it is not totally bad either. The only reason people are actually going and watching the film in theatres is due to it being “Bhai ki movie” (Salman’s film).

This has been happening mostly with Salman and Shahrukh Khan movies starting with the former’s film Ready.

How is this culture actually affecting Bollywood?

Firstly, because people are accepting these movies without them being noteworthy in any field of filmography, it doesn’t challenge the actors, directors, writers to go above and beyond to present something new to the public. This attitude makes the whole movie industry flaccid. Hence the quality of content in movies is on a decline and films are being shoved down the throat of the public in the name of “star power”.

Secondly, sooner or later people will come to their senses and will start to dislike movies that do not offer anything riveting. This will adversely affect the upcoming generation of stars because they will have to shoulder the burden of higher expectations of great acting. Same goes for the script writers, choreographers, directors, the whole Bollywood. And if they won’t deliver on those expectations people will eventually completely turn to Hollywood leaving the film industry in shambles.

 What needs to be done to remedy this situation?

Film directors in the past used to take inspiration from people’s lives, the way people talked, expressed themselves influenced the actual acting and directing in the films.

But as days gone by directors started to use older films as the frame of reference while making a new movie. As a result of this practice, movies are becoming more and more clichéd and subtlety is getting lost. Acting is plastic, dialogues are enforced, songs are cramped, story lines are senseless and the average movie goer is bored to death. Directors and movie stars need to come out from their stardom cocoon and actually deliver on some hard hitting content to keep the audience engaged.

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