If you have the ones who can lift you from the dump, you also have the ones who can send you back into it. In a country like India where we talk of brotherhood and harmony, respecting every religion, modernity, freedom, and rights, where do all these talks and discussions vanish at the time applicability? With respect to the above paragraph, we have brought for you some of the controversial photos of celebrities that will make you ridicule the very society you live in:-


Priyanka Chopra

Recently, the beautiful and talented Baywatch star PRIYANKA CHOPRA was bombarded with hate messages after she posted a photo of her on Instagram on the occasion of independence day in which she donned a white tank top and jeans and a tricolor dupatta wrapped around her neck with a caption, Independence Day #Vibes 🇮🇳#MyHeartBelongsToIndia #happyindependencedayindia #jaihind.”

Soon her Instagram wall became a battleground.

Some of the comments that followed the pic:-

“Hey show some respect to our country flag.. ”,  “Priyanka should apologize for this controversial post”,  “she is disrespecting India to gain publicity”, “This is not your dupatta stupid, show some respect.”

While another section trolled her for wearing a T-shirt and not traditional Indian attire while she draped in tricolor.

She was not even wearing a national flag. She just had a dupatta with the color of our flag and no Ashok chakra on it.

No sooner the previous battle was over in which she was attacked for wearing a dress in front of the prime minister in Berlin than this began.


Kalki Koechlin

Known for some off-beat roles in the movies such as Dev-D and Margherita, KALKI KOECHLIN has become quite popular on media for voicing a strong opinion on feminism and for spreading awareness on issues of women’s safety, empowerment, and gender equality. Currently, the actress drew intense flak from around the world for posting a nude picture of hers with a caption, “halfway between shadow and light by @rivabubber”. The photo instantly drew the attention of her followers who shamed her and criticized her for posting such a pic.

Take a look at some of the virile reactions to the image:-

“Tum log chahte kya ho saale, bahut shauk hai nudity ka to kahi or kuch bhi karo but publicly ya publicity ke liye aise post na kiya karl”, posted one user.

“nudity limit me rakho, saala indian culture ko barbaad tum jaise log kr rahe ho”, another one wrote.

To which Koechlin replied,

I think it’s important to celebrate who you are and your body rather than ponder about what the world will think. I have always believed in the idea of wearing your personality on your sleeve. I have never been ashamed of whatever I do.”


photos of celebrities : IRFAN PATHAN

Photos of celebrities that drew extreme flak include a photo of cricketer Irfan Khan and his wife. No one is out of the reach of media. Photos of celebrities do not just include Bollywood stars. Now even sports personalities have come under the clutches of media. IRFAN PATHAN was trolled for posting a photo within which his wife could be seen in a burqa with her red nail-polish hands placed on her face. The photo was stated as “un-Islamic” due to the exposed hands and nail polish on his wife. He received ridiculous comments from his enraged fans for such a photo.

“WTF. Tell her to cover her arms. Being a Muslim and being a Pathan it’s your duty to do so”

“Hiding face is not Farz…But hiding arms is farz Irfan bhai… She’is hiding her face its good, may Allah bless her… But tell her to hide her arms too…”

“Mashaa Allah, esi baat nahi h ki Islaam aap par laagu hota h, but aapaki chhavi ek sachche musalman ki h so please bhabhi ko parde me rakho

To which Irfan replied,

“I repeat J if there is more love than hate I think we are doing alright. #spreadlove”


Mohd. Shami with his wife

Another in the list of photos of celebrities that drew extreme flak is former India Batsman MOHAMMED SHAMI, who also drew criticism for posting a picture in which of his wife had donned a sleeveless dress. The fanatics termed the wife’s dress as “un-Islamic” and “not in keeping with her religion.”  Most of them recommended Mohammed to ensure that is wife wears hijab.

He received dozens of abusive comments-

‘You should ask your wife to be in purdah’,  ‘You are a Muslim, you should know how to keep your wife.’, ‘She should be wearing a burqa’,  ‘It would be better if your wife doesn’t live her life according to Western culture’

Farhan Akhtar came as a rescuer with his tweet-

“Dear Mrs. Shammi,

We have never met but I must say that you look splendid in your gown.Regards to your proud husband.

With Love,

Is this the society we live in? The Constitution of India gives the freedom of choice to one and all then who are we to comment on someone else’s choices. Its high time we take a break from commenting on the photos of celebrities and their choices and focus on what we have to do for ourselves.

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