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Have you ever been sitting at home, relaxing on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when someone asked you to go to the market and get something? Annoying, isn’t it? Or maybe you’re too busy with work at home and craving your favorite plate of momos, or maybe your favorite parathas, but found out they don’t deliver and you have settled for something else? Don’t settle, Pickbee has got a solution for each one of these problems. Here’s a complete Pickbee review for you!

Four wise men namely, Shubham Agrawal, Vishal Agrawal, Tushar Jethani, Kushall Dayal have come up with a new Smartphone app with an interesting concept. Pickbee is an easy, efficient and exciting way to get locally exclusive goods delivered to your doorstep, or basically, ANYTHING delivered to your doorstep!  

From food items to groceries, from clothing to locally available special items, you can request any item that you want. Just send in a request via the ‘Make a request’ option, select the category, and your current location and Pickbee will connect you to the people who are in that area and returning to wherever you need the item. They’ll pick it up for you and deliver it to you for a nominal delivery charge. And if you’re out chilling with friends or getting the groceries from the market or maybe eating out at a restaurant, you can use the app to make deliveries and get paid in return! And the best part? You don’t have to go out of your way, you simply select the ‘Make a delivery’ option, fill in where you are and where you’re headed, and Pickbee app will filter the requests which require a delivery within 1 kilometer of your destination. Pickbee is coming soon to make your life easier and give you a chance to earn a few extra bucks on your next trip to the supermarket, or your favorite restaurant or basically anywhere in the city!  

Pickbee logo

You can download this app from Google Play and visit their website.

You can check out their social media handles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Pickbee will be happy to assist you. You can mail them at: [email protected] or contact them at +91-8076898469.

Pickbee: Make a request  

Enter the details of your required product and depending upon the input your request will be notified to the people who are willing to make a delivery. 

Step #1: Select category of the product.

Step #2: Choose your location from where you need the product.  

Step #3: You will see recommended shops near your location. You can select any particular shop.  

Step #4: Choose your location where you need the product. 

Step #5: Describe your product.

Step #6: Upload an image of the product & write the approximate price for better results.  

Pickbee concept

Pickbee: Make a delivery

When you’re running low on cash, or just in the mood to help someone out, this option will come in handy. Delivery requests with necessary details will pop up on your phone once you select this option and you can swipe right to accept the request. Once accepted, you will be connected to the user via a chatbot for further negotiations and clarifications.  

Step #1: Choose your current location or “Where are you now?”  

Step #2: Choose your destination location or “Where are you going?” 

Pickbee solves a lot of problems faced by regular people in their day to day lives. Be it lack of conveyance, feeling unwell, feeling lazy, or running low on cash. Pickbee delivery app connects users so that they can help each other.

Pickbee Review: With a 4.9/5 rating on Google Play, Pickbee app is definitely worth a try.


Make a request: Select category, add a place from where do you need the item and where you need it. Describe product. Upload product image and type in an approximate price. 

Pickbee: Make a request

My Request: You can see the status of your request, cancel your request and see all the details you filled along with recommended shops (if any). 

Pickbee: My request

My Chat: You can chat with the person who has accepted your request. You can also cancel your request from the chat window. 

Pickbee: My chat

Make a delivery: Fill out where you are and where you are headed to. You also have an option to go to your previous location. 

Pickbee: Make a delivery

All Requests: See all request according to the destination you are headed to. The filter according to the category. Swipe Right to accept and left to decline a request. 

Pickbee: All Request

Accepted Request: You have the option of the report, cancel and delivered. You can also see the details of the request you have accepted. 

Pickbee: Accepted request

You can even check out their YouTube video!

Pickbee Review by The News Geeks

The News Geeks logoWe believe, the concept of Pickbee is even more interesting than its name! From requesting any item to delivering items at the doorstep for a minimal delivery charge, Pickbee has definitely come up with an interesting concept.

Pickbee app is easily available on Google Play. The interface of the app is easy to understand and user-friendly. All in all, Pickbee has a simple yet subtle interface. With the ‘My chat’ feature, one can easily get in touch with the person who is going to deliver your requested item. This will definitely solve problems like saving travel cost, getting quick cash and avoiding stress in case of a health issue. Pickbee can be used to deliver and request anything and everything so, it is not just limited to a particular domain of products. However, a concept like Pickbee requires more users for better results and make a social community. With so many advantages, Pickbee definitely has a bright future! We wish the Pickbee team all the luck for their future growth!

The News Geeks personally recommends everyone to use this new and innovative app, Pickbee! Download it TODAY.

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