In this gender stereotypical world we often find people who intend to promote gender equality saying – Pink Is The New Blue”. But don’t you all find something wrong with this saying. Doesn’t it instead aggravate the gender scenario of our society.

Gender equality should not mean one gender, supposedly always assumed to be the weaker of the two i.e. Women, to take over the place of the other “superior” gender. What it simply means is for both the genders to have equal power, equal saying and equal control over everything.

pink is the new blue

“I am more than my gender.”

Whether it’s a man or a woman, each person has their own wants and desires. Instead of stereotyping man and woman into a certain fixed criteria and role, if people truly want to enforce gender equality then its time they start respecting the wants of other people irrespective of their gender.

“Pink Is the New Blue” is just a little dignified than usual way of saying that “no matter what you do and what you achieve, in the end you are still a woman”.

pink is the new blue

If people find a woman at a construction site in scorching heat, you might hear them say “Pink is the new blue”. But if they find a man doing house chores would we ever find them saying “Blue is the new pink”? It’s highly unlikely.

A person is much more than a gender. A person is an individual with his/her own set of characteristics. And these characteristics should not bind them to any gender stereotype whatsoever.

Eradication of the belief that men are supposed to mend the cars, and women are to look after the children and house is a must. Though it might take time for us to reach this point, but its not entirely impossible. If one has hope then even “Pink is the new Blue” might also seem as a slow but a sure beginning of this long journey.


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