We really can’t imagine our lives without internet, can we? But are we really aware of the ones standing behind the idea of computer and mobile technology and its various important components? Here’s a list of some of the pioneers that you haven’t heard of!

Check out the list of pioneers that you haven’t heard of!

1. Author of first web browser: Mark Lowell Andreessen

I am sure he is one of the pioneers that you haven’t heard of. This American entrepreneur and software engineer gave life to the world of internet. He is responsible for the development of first ever web browser in the history of internet called, “Mosaic”. Even though the browser’s popularity decreased and ultimately it’s usage was discontinued, Mark has done a commendable job for which all of us should be grateful. He is also the co-founder of Netscape.

Marc Lowell Andreessen
Netscape browser

2. First mobile developer: Martin Cooper

American Engineer Martin Cooper is recognized as one of pioneers in the mobile communications industry. He has filed a total of 11 patents in the field of technology and is the developer of first ever mobile phone called Dynatac 8000X. Giving rise to an important invention in 1980s, Martin is known to be the “Father of mobile phones”.

Martin Cooper with his Dynatac 8000X

3. First ever YouTuber: Javed Karim

The list of pioneers that you haven’t heard of includes the first ever Youtuber. Javed Karim is a German-American internet businessman and the co-founder of popular video website, www.Youtube.com. First ever YouTube video titled, “Me at the zoo” was uploaded by Javed on April 23rd, 2015 and as of 2016, it has got over 33 million views worldwide. The 19 seconds video that featured Javed was shot at San Diego zoo by Yakov Lapitsky. Here is the link to world’s first ever youtube video!

Javed Karim’s “Me at the zoo”

4. First ever blogger: Justin Hall

The pioneer of blogging, Justin Hall is an American journalist and entrepreneur. Blogging came into existence in the 1990s. It has been a personal space of expression for everyone since then. The blogger has shared all his life experiences in the coolest possible way in his blog, http://links.net/ . It is worth a read not because it focuses on a number of interesting facts but because it is the “first ever” blog someone ever created.

Justin Hall
Justin’s blog links.net

Even though we are well aware about the internet, the mobile phone, YouTube and blogs, I’m sure only a few people knew who all started these. These pioneers that you haven’t heard of, have secured a place in the history of technology!

Hats off to their efforts! 🙂

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