Politics : A Profession Losing Its True Sense


Politicians are people who are professionally involved in politics especially as a holder of an elected office. But most of the current world politicians refer to the other meaning of politician which is : a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

Our politicians are leaving no stones unturned to disgrace their profession. By chasing money and power. Also, by their manipulative decisions and corruption.

If we talk about democracy, a politician who is elected by a large number of people to represent them and ask for their rights shows no sense of duty.
The moment they gain power, they forget about the people whom they are representing. Furthermore, only care about filling their pockets till they lose the scope to fill more.
I live in the largest democracy of the world, India.

Politics here is hugely disgraced. Many great politicians led this great country to its freedom. Even this huge motivation can not drive any youth to choose politics as their career. Consequently, this shows how badly politicians of this era have ruined their reputation and disgraced their profession.

The Gems of our politics of this era

As an example: This is India’s capital city Delhi’s chief minister. A politician who ate away a nation wide anti-corruption revolution for his personal interests. He questions our army for proofs on border actions. Moreover, he keeps blaming prime minister for all his crap.

Another man with even greater talent is the vice president of Indian National Congress. Leader of a party which laid the foundations of our country, the one and only Rahul Gandhi. A man who asks farmers to develop potatoes in factories. A politician who is the biggest comic celebrity in India.


‘Pariwarwad’ at its height therefore forcing people to follow someone who is only interested in ‘chota bheem’.
These men are  the perfect examples of politicians of this era because they believe in ‘no development but self development’.
Do not disappoint yourself. There are many more such talents I am not taking your eyes on!!
There is a severe need to save this profession and eventually our country from viruses like them. Youth should come at front and tackle this situation.
Jai Hind.

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