(Psychology Of Colors)

“Colors evoke feelings and emotions; some of us are drawn to certain colors and yet find other colors very unappealing. Color affects our mood and has more influence on our lives than we may think.” – Presley Love

The color itself denotes powerful symbols that are still obsolete to the mankind. There is always something more than meets the human eye when we see an object. Color plays a very important role in the way we live. Colors can change your mind; it can be irritating as well as soothing to your eyes. It’s all about the color that expresses emotions. In fact, color is a picture of enthusiasm in our life. So it’s kind of important to understand the true meaning of colors.

So, here it goes, Psychology of colors!


#1 Psychology Of Colors: Black is the absorption of all colors or the absence of light. It is a color that radiates authority as well as fear. The color black relates to the obsolete, the secretive and the unknown.

Black is usually said as the color of sophistication. Confused what to wear as formal or for a party? Then go for a black. It’s a perfect color because it perfectly goes with all the other colors.


#2 Psychology Of Colors: What black covers; white is said to reveal it. White is the spectrum of colors. It denotes purity, innocence, sincerity, understanding, wholeness, and completion. The color has a positive essence. It represents a successful beginning.

In many countries, it is also associated with death. White flags are lifted also as a sign of surrender.  It also promotes healing of a body, mind, and spirit at all levels.


#3 Psychology Of Colors: Red is the color of the sovereign.  It is said as the first color after black and white. You all must have seen a red traffic light. Yes, red is also the international color for a stop. Besides this, it is the color of passionate love, seduction, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, violence, danger, anger, and adventure.

This is an intense color that symbolizes courage and power. It has some powerful associations in the past. It is said as the color of Christian crucifixion. Also, it is considered as an auspicious color for marriage.


#4 Psychology Of Colors: Green is the life giving color. It is cordial and abundant in nature. This color signifies growth, rebirth, and fertility and thus represents the promise of eternity. It reminds us to look at the lush valleys and forests where wildlife flourishes and mysteries swarm. Thus it is the color of viability and tranquility. It is suggested as the best color for pregnant women by the doctors.

A green shamrock symbolizes luck in most western countries.


#5 Psychology Of Colors: The yellow color is the color of light that symbolizes warmth and openness. It is the color of encouragement, hope, and honesty. It is the most luminous color of the spectrum. This color marks the very beginning of autumn; as the leaves begin to turn yellow and red. It gives us a sign of caution because human eye perceives yellow first.


#6 Psychology Of Colors: Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, and confidence. It is nature’s color for water and sky. Today, blue is embraced as the color of heaven and supremacy. It is said, “Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones”.

In business, blue color represents stability and honor. In fact, it is considered as the closest color to the truth.

It is said, “Life is celebration of passionate colors; some days are red (when you are high), some are green (when you are productive and fruitful), some are pink(when you are young at heart), while others are blue (when you are down), some days are orange (peaceful and make you satisfied), and some are yellow (bright and gay).” Enjoy each and every color of your life.

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