Qualities To Acquire From Hitler


(Qualities To Acquire From Hitler) You cannot deny the fact that the first thing that strikes to your mind when you hear the name, “HITLER” is a ruthless and brutal leader of the Nazi-Germany who was responsible for killing millions of Jews. However, that is just one aspect brought to your notice and only a few actually know who was Hitler!

Lo and Behold great qualities to acquire from HITLER

1. Orator

“I know that men are won over less by the written than by the spoken word, that every great moment on this earth owes its growth to great orators and not to great writers.”

oratorPublic Speaking is the number 1 quality in our list of qualities to acquire from Hitler. Hitler was a gifted public speaker. He communicated with grand arm and hand movements. He used to pause for as long as several minutes before starting an address. His spoke clearly and slowly, despite yelling. Hitler never looked down at his notes, but always spoke looking up at the stars and his audience. He always communicated at an intensely emotional level that propelled him into the hearts of the readers. His delivered powerful speeches and knew how to manipulate the masses. He combined clear diction with simple augmentation, and instinct tells him what to say and how to say it.

2. Visionary

visionaryA Conservative Nationalist that he was, Hitler built a picture of prosperous Germany, a perfect society to grow and restore the national pride after the period of depression and hyperinflation that Germany was suffering under. He promoted various programs, revolutions to make travel and transport easy.

3. Extreme Conviction

Extreme ConvictionHitler was also a man of extreme conviction which could be seen in the manner in which he gave a speech. He was the cause of his own beliefs. He hardly had any doubts about his mission or ability. Therefore, extreme conviction is one of the qualities to acquire from Hitler.

4. Single-Minded

Single-MindedHitler was incredibly single-minded and it is one of the most important qualities to acquire from Hitler. He ignored all distractions- no women, drugs, wealth or misuse of his power. He was just alert on making Germany world’s superpower.

5. Influential

InfluentialHitler has the power to influence his followers as well as to bring them under his control. He had knowledge of what the people thought, their actions and behavior which worked very well for him.

6. Strategist

strategistHitler was a really impressive military strategist. At the beginning, he strategized to take power politically not forcefully. Strategies were so unexpected and well-planned that these helped him conquer almost 80 percent of Europe at some point in time and attain victory in most of the wars Germany fought.

7. Convincing Power

convincing powerHitler had an excellent convincing power and it is one of the essential qualities to acquire from Hitler. He had the ability to convince millions of his followers not merely by words or experience or qualifications, but by his personality. He was able to convince German people to follow his philosophy and ideas.

8. Leader

leaderA leader must have a clear vision, mission, and sense of purpose, and Hitler had all of that. He was the head and leader of Nazi Germany, probably the most charismatic leader the modern world has ever seen. His philosophy, ideas, strategies, oratorical skills, influential and convincing power brought him many followers. He was very deterrent to make Germany a great nation and was ready to put all his efforts and actions to make it happen. He clearly had a sense of grandiose position in world affairs that helped him secure his position as the only person fit to lead a demoralized nation.

“I don’t see why men should not be as cruel as nature.”

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