“Logics and Facts” this is what control the thinking process of a rational thinker. Practicality is the axis around which their complete thinking process revolves. There are both pros and cons of a rational thinking. So if you think in a rational manner, here are some points which you will definitely relate to:

#1 Logics dominates Rational Thinking

Before making a certain decision in life, you go for having all the research work done to get your logics correct about that decision of yours. Which definitely takes much of your time but being a rational soul it’s in your blood to get your logics correct. Rational Thinking is based on logic and reasoning.

rational thinker

#2 Rational thinker is scared of negative results

One would think that what is it that makes it so necessary to be so logical in one’s decision. The sole reason is to minimize all the possible probabilities of being failed or wrong about the decision taken. You don’t really want to regret about the outcomes of any of your wrong decision. Rational thinking envies negatives and stays far away from it.

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#3 Rational thinker doesn’t like to be numb when questioned

You are always prepared. You don’t really like to be questioned. And when one does that you want to be all ready with the set of answers and logics, just like a warrior keeps his armor ready. Rational thinking provides answers to all the questions.

#4 It’s always a long thinking process for a rational thinker

Decision making is not an on the go process for you. You take your time which is a little longer than any other person who has nothing to do with logics while making a decision. Which is fine. You need not bother about the long thinking process as long as you think the decision made is correct and this is done only through rational thinking.

#5 A rational thinker might sound insensitive sometimes

This is the allegation put on you most of the time. To be rational is somehow in your blood, and no matter how emotional the situation is, you will think rationally which will eventually make you sound insensitive.

rational thinker

#6 A rational thinker cannot be biased

This is another trait of a rational thinker which at times is very much hated by their near ones. Being close to you, it’s natural for a person to think that your decision will be in their favor, but sometimes your practical approach does disappoint them and your rational thinking may bother people.

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