(5 Reasons To Quit Instagram ASAP) The 21st century where being social means being alone with a small overloaded devil; being smart means having that overloaded devil in hand. Where words are replaced by faces on books and feelings are replaced by a tweet of quarreling birds. Where chats are done through snaps and being instant means being on ‘Insta’ i.e ‘Instagram’. Instagram, Facebook are important parts of our lives.

This photo sharing app Instagram launched in 2010, became so popular that within 7 years it has more than 700 million users worldwide. Though every social media has some negative impact on life. In fact, Instagram tops this list by making your life completely negative.

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Let us see the reasons to quit Instagram as soon as possible!

1. Negative Of Photos

Reasons To Quit Instagram ASAP: Negativity of photos

At number 1 in our list of Reasons to quit Instagram ASAP are the uploading of negative photos on it. In the 20th century, negatives were turned into perfect and clear photos. However, in the 21st century, these photos are turned into perfect and clear negatives. What it means is that, through this photo-sharing app what developed more often is a negative feeling of jealousy, inferiority, loneliness, anxiety, depression, FOMO (fear of missing out) etc.

“Live life King Size” type of pics are most of the time shared by the user on Insta. As a result, the viewer feels like his life is worse Thus, the users often compare the number of likes and followers. If it is anyway less than their buddies then also different negative feeling start to develop. Overall, the user slowly starts to feel that he/she is living the ugliest life on Earth.

2. Fakebook of Social media

Reasons To Quit Instagram ASAP: Fake Instagram
Photoshopped picture of Nicki Minaj being pregnant

Fake! Fake! and Fake! Every social media platform allows the evil minds to create a fake profile but Instagram makes your real profile fake one, yes a fake one. This is one of the biggest reasons to quit Instagram right away!

Insta was one of the first few apps which gave the user the option to use filters and make their pics look “beautiful” in the way defined by society or the western world that is looking fair and fairer.

People get so much addicted to these filters that they start to neglect their natural beauty and same happens with the viewers or so-called followers who view these pics of the user. Slowly the user starts living life with this fake beauty so much that not only others but the user himself are unable to recognize real charm of his personality.

3. It’s also crime friendly 

Reasons To Quit Instagram ASAP: Crime-friendly
Change in language and occurrence of crimes

This social networking platform is not only user-friendly but also crime friendly. Often the users share some very sensitive information like their credit card, real-time location etc which help the criminal minds to plan and commit crime easily.

4. Virtual Life

Reasons To Quit Instagram ASAP: Virtual instagram
Entrapped by virtual lives

We all know that action speaks louder than words and so do the photos. The large number of photos and videos shared by friends, relatives, and even unknown followers keeps the user indulged without any boredom. The filtered beautiful photos of people with over exaggerated pics of trips, holiday, outing and sometimes even of stupid acts and day to day work creates a virtual world around the user which makes them so much addicted to it that they start to hate their ‘non-filtered’ real life.

5. It’s really worse – Proved

Reasons To Quit Instagram ASAP: Worse
Harmful for the teenagers

According to a survey by Royal society for public health in the UK; Instagram has most negative; impact on mental health of users. The study was named Status of mind which surveyed 1500 young people (14-24) on how different social networking sites affected mentally. Guess what, Insta topped the list and became a worse app that affects mental health to a great extent.

These are few of the many reasons to quit Instagram ASAP!

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