Recently, in Amazon bestseller list, a unique book got a rank 1. It is unique for the fact that the book named “Reasons to vote for democrats” is a book full of blank pages. Yes, you heard that right! Amazon bestseller Reasons to vote for democrats: A Comprehensive Guide, written by Michael Knowles is a book full of blank pages. Additionally, it only has a bibliography along with headings. Moreover, Michael Knowles published this book on his own.

Amazon Bestseller: “Reasons to vote for democrats” on

Published on 8th February this year, ‘Reasons to vote for democrats’ has already acquired the first position in the list of Amazon’s bestsellers. The overall rating of the book is 4.5/5 and has over 1200 user reviews already. Most of the reviews are sarcastic but a few users appreciated this amazing idea.

Amazon bestseller book, "reasons to vote for democrats" author
Michael Knowles, author of “Reasons to vote for democrats”.

Author Michael Knowles said, “When I observed their record and reasons to vote for democrats. On reasons of economics, foreign policy, homeland security or civil rights etc., I realized it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank.”

The description of this book reads, “Despite years of research, we could not find anything to say on this subject, so please feel free to use this book for notes.”

User Reviews

“If Democrats copied and pasted the contents of this book into their national platform they could become unstoppable.”

“Extremely easy read. So captivating and informative, I was able to complete in one sitting. Absolutely brilliant!”

“Exhaustive, yet concise, treatment of the reasons to vote for Democrats. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it as a teaching tool for any potential voter. This book is truly unparalleled.”

Amazon bestseller book, "reasons to vote for democrats" ranked number 1 on

A book similar to ‘Reasons to vote for democrats’, was published in November 2016, titled “Why Trump deserves trust, respect and admiration”. Furthermore, the book has 206 blank pages and also has a 4.5/5 rating.

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