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Spanning an area of 3,287,263 square kilometers, India is a vast country with a great diversity of physical features like dry deserts, evergreen forests, snowy Himalayas, a long coast and fertile plains. Further, there are also some obscured monuments, paths, roads, and thruways. So, here are some roads less travelled but, fascinating places in India to help you discover some unconventional travel options.

# Nohkalikai Falls 

roads less travelled: Nohkalikai Falls

Meghalaya being the wettest place in India, you can expect a large number of waterfalls. One of such beauty pageant is Nohkalikai Falls. Having the height of 1110 feet makes it the highest waterfall in India. The best part is, you can expect these falls in full flow almost throughout the year.”

There is a grisly legend linked with this place. A woman named Likai remarried a man. They had no source of income so she used to work for the living. The husband killed her daughter in the absence of the wife. The wife comes and starts looking for her daughter. The fraudulent husband suggested her eating something first. After eating she had a glance over one corner and saw an austere finger. In a state of anger, she jumps off the cliff next to the falls. Since then the fall is known as “Kalikai Fall.” Thus, it comes first in our list of roads less travelled.

# Rang Ghar

roads less travelled: Rang Ghar

Second in our list of Roads less travelled is The Rang Ghar, meaning “House Of Entertainment” is a two storied building belonging to the treasure of Asom (Assam). It is 10 meters high, royal, sports pavilion. In the past times, people used to watch cultural programs and traditional games like bull-fight, cock-fight, elephant fight, wrestling and other sports in the Rang Ghar. Its unique domicile defines its beauty. The shape of the roof of the Rang Ghar is in the form of an inverted royal Ahom long boat.

# Ananthapura Lake Temple

roads less travelled: Ananthapura Lake Temple

One of the rare lake temple located in Kasargod District of Kerala is Ananthapura Temple. There is a story behind this temple that Lord Anantha Padmanabha who took rest in Ananthapuram temple at Thiruvananthapuram belonged from here.

A vegetarian crocodile guards it and does not harm anyone.

# The Kaas Plateau

roads less travelled: The Kaas Plateau

Kaas, well known for its carpet of flowers is a plateau located in the Western Ghats.  These flower blossoms every year around September. It has around 900 different species of flowering plants. The plateau has an area of about 10 square kilometers located at an altitude of 1200 meters. Therefore, this beautiful place comes fourth in the category of roads less travelled by people.

# Rosary Church, Shettihalli

roads less travelled: Rosary Church

On number 5 in our list of Roads less travelled by people is Shettihalli which is situated on the banks of the Gorur-Hemavathy reservoir is a small village. It is about 25 kilometers from Hassan in Karnataka. French missionaries built this in India in 1860. To enjoy the real beauty of this church, you need to travel to this place twice. You should visit it in the month of monsoon and in the month of December to May.

# Muzhappilangad Beach, Kannur 

roads less travelled: Muzhappilangad beach

Ever thought of having a long drive at the beach? Yes, this is the perfect place for you. Get ready with your vehicles and move parallel to National Highway 66 between Thalassery and Kannur which stretches up to 4 kilometers. Adventure sports like paragliding, parasailing, and microlight flights are possible at the Muzhappilangad Beach.

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