(Top 7 Secret Service Secrets) The Secret Service is a law enforcement agency set up in 1857. Unlike other law enforcement agencies, the secret service is mostly involved in the protection of The President, the first family and those in the line of succession. They are mostly popular for their portrayal in Hollywood movies where they are often seen as brave and emotionless heroes. The fact that they put another person’s life and safekeeping at a higher level than themselves is highly commendable and worth all the recognition.

Due to the highly secretive nature that the secret service holds, it is obvious that there are many conspiracies surround exactly how powerful they are and what secrets they may hold.

Here is a list of 7 things you might not know about them. They wouldn’t technically be secrets: because these facts are available to the public- but they are unknown and lost to lack of public knowledge.

So, let’s have a look at the secret service secrets!

1. They Are Math Nerds

At number 1 in the list of secret service secrets is the fact that the secret agents are math nerds. Now watching a buff man who can probably toss you over a wall doesn’t really give off many math vibes. Unless he is capable of determining the trajectory with which he can throw you over the wall. But the Secret Service was actually under the Treasury Department and their field offices still remains a part of the Treasury. They are educated in credit and recognition of counterfeiting as well as recognition of federal crimes.

secret service secrets

2. The Death Watch

While the secret service has been serving presidents for a long time, after the JFK assassination that happened in full public view, there was a new problem. There was still not enough evidence to determine what happened at that moment. Ever since there is a fairly normal car called the Camera I or The Death Watch that is a part of the presidential motorcade. They contain a videographer who simply films the president’s travel so that in case of an assassination, one can easily determine what happened and when. That sounds ominous indeed and thus it is one of the top secret service secrets!

secret service secrets

3. They Carry Bags of Blood

The Presidential Protection Division is highly trained for all kinds of medical emergencies that may arise. Apart from protection during potential assassination attempts, they are also trained to deal with all sorts of health emergencies. So, secret service secrets includes a personnel who is at the nearest hospital with a bag of blood that is of the president’s blood group.

secret service secrets

4. They’re Shot With Fake Bullets

While it is common knowledge that the secret service are well trained to protect the president in case of shooting, the way they are trained is quite surprising! In order to simulate the urgency and impact of the actual situation and explore all options, they are shot with plastic bullets. These, although harmless leave a mark and let them feel the impact so they can understand how they have been hit. This allows them to work out a system of response to their potential situation.

secret service secrets

5. They Have A Hidden Headquarter

While it’s not an alien-infested Area 51 like Hollywood predicts, they do have an unmarked and unnamed tan building. Not much is known of what happens within the building as this is not given public clearance. It is expected to contain armories, joint operation centers and thousands of agents. In case of national emergencies, important political members are often hidden here. They are so secretive about the activities within the building that they don’t even leave trash outside. Partly to prevent the release of any information and partly to protect against hidden bombs.secret service secrets


6. They Never Leave The Prez Alone. Never

While a certain level of safety measures are appreciable, the secret service pulls out all stops. They even enter the washrooms with the President. Whether it’s a private meeting or a doctors appointment for even a prostate exam: they are always there armed with a gun. So in a way, the stereotype of the men in black shadowing the president was indeed true! Although it isn’t true that they always wear formal suits as depicted, they are often in civilian clothes and unrecognizable except for the fact that they stick close to the president.

secret service secrets

7. Step Sensors

Directly supporting my above point. When extremely top secret events within the oval office for which the secret service do not have clearance and the door is shut on them, they are still aware of the president’s movements. This is because they have a sensor inbuilt into the president’s shoes. They know exactly where he is pacing and how far he is at any given moment. Talk about revolutionary stalking technology! Therefore, step sensors are one of the most important secret service secrets.

secret service secrets

In conclusion, the secret service is a noble and brave profession that just happens to have many cool perks! Their entire existence may seem of much mysterious entertainment value for civilians that includes a number of secret service secrets. But we can’t possibly forget how brave they must be to lay their life on the line. Truly commendable!

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