(Secret Societies Of The World) Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series has certainly blown the mind of every reader who has got in contact with them. When so much surreptitious matter creeps in, the mind begins to be skeptical of even the basic things around us. Keeping Brown’s genius aside for the nonce, let us talk about the famous yet secret societies (paradox!).

Here are 5 secret societies that are believed to have begotten many conspiracies for the “new world order.”

1. The Nine Unknown – Indian Secret Society

Let us start with our national secret society- the Nine Unknown. It is widely believed that after the decisive victory of Ashoka in Kalinga, and his discomfiture on seeing so many killings done by his army during the Kalinga war, the great Mauryan ruler became convinced that the only way to transform the world for better was through the pervasion of knowledge and enlightenment. But, Ashoka was also aware of the fact that bestowing the world with a deluge of knowledge at once could lead to extreme disasters. Hence, he called upon the nine most intelligent members of that time and gave them each one book in which they had to add on information pertinent to their fields of the world. When they could no longer complete the task, they had to dispose their membership of the society to their chosen successor.

In 1923, Talbot Mundy, a British writer wrote the famous book “The Nine Unknown Men.” In his book, Mundy even provided the list of subjects of the nine books. The subjects were: 1. Propaganda 2. Physiology 3. Microbiology 4. Alchemy 5. Communication 6. Gravity (you may call it Mechanics also) 7.Cosmology 8. Light 9. Sociology. To many this is only a legend, but what if…!

2. The father of secret societies

Here comes the most talked about the surreptitious society of all- the Illuminati. This is indeed the one that has been the nightmare for our Robert Langdon a.k.a Tom Hanks (for the movie bluffs). Illuminati came up during Renaissance with the oath that it will protect the propagators of knowledge and will decimate those who preach ignorance. Almost every problem faced by the papal city of Vatican is ascribed to it. In fact, the ‘eye in the triangle’ sign behind the US Dollar is indeed the symbol of Illuminati.

It is also suspected that the Revolutionary polymath Leonardo Da Vinci was a part of Illuminati.

3. Freemasons

They are the longest-serving society. The former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was also a member of Freemasons. At their point of apotheosis, they were present in almost all major powerhouses of the US government. This secret society once ruled the governments, corporate houses and almost all centers of powers. Many other later societies took inspiration from the Freemasons and even emulated their odd styles of handshakes, rituals etc.

4. The Elders of Zion

In 1920, an American newspaper published reports about a dossier of secret Russian document called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Soon afterward, Henry Ford compiled those documents and published “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.” This book even inspired the notorious Adolf Hitler

Albeit, the conspiracy theory has been debunked by investigative agencies, many people still believe that once there was a secret clique of Jewish intellectuals who wanted to bring in the “New World Order.”

5. Opus Dei

Opus Dei

A secret organization of the Catholic Church, many believe that Opus Dei actually furthers many sinister agendas inside the church. Though Catholic Church strictly proscribes secret societies, since it doesn’t disclose the rituals of the society to the common public, many theories have raised their heads germane to the work of Opus Dei.

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