(Secretive seven new flavors for this summer!) So finally the wait is over. Here we are with some exciting new ice-cream flavors for this summer. And I bet you can’t resist without trying these new flavors after reading this article.

For all ice- cream lovers, here is the list of secretive seven new flavors that you need to try this summer.

1. Ben And Jerry’s Non-Dairy PB And Cookies

secretive seven new flavors: Ben And Jerry's Non-Dairy PB And Cookies

Number 1 on our list of secretive seven new flavors is the Ben and Jerry’s Non-dairy PBand Cookies. This is the children’s favorite Parent Trap Treat. The specialty of this ice-cream which makes it a unique one is, that it is made of almond milk instead of cream. The flavor of the cookies in it makes it tastier. And the essence of chocolate gives it an attractive look.

2. Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Tangerine and Shortbread

secretive seven new flavors: Häagen-Dazs Vanilla Tangerine and Shortbread

This flavor is the craziest among all the new flavors, as it contains curd and chunks of buttery shortbread cookies. If you are amongst the ones who love to try new things, then you must try this ice-cream in our list of secretive seven new flavors.

3. Talenti Wild Blackberry Gelato

secretive seven new flavors: talenti wild blackberry gelato

Yes, like its name it’s flavor is also a wild one. The surprising thing is, it packs a double-punch of blackberry with its pure blackberry and freshly crushed blackberry swirl. Don’t miss the chance of tasting it, go and grab it.

4. Breyers Ice Cream Cake

secretive seven new flavors: breyers ice cream cake

The favorite among the bunch of all flavors. It is the chocolate ice-cream filled with the dark brown chocolate crunches sandwiched with creamy vanilla. Sounds yummy! Now that’s the flavor worth celebrating and thus, number 4 on our list of secretive seven new flavors for this summer.

5. Masala Chai-The Shocking Among All The New Flavors

secretive seven new flavors: masala chai

Listening to the word ice-cream, the first thing that occurs in mind is, the sweetness but this flavor is against your all conceptions. A combination of cinnamon, green cardamom, green cloves and black pepper cone, this new innovation actually needs a judgment so try it.

6. Rocky Road

secretive seven new flavors: rocky road

This one will actually blow your mind. Its dark color will actually force you that much that you won’t be able to stop yourself. A chocolate ice-cream with fluffy marshmallows and almonds. The almonds make it more nutritious.

 7. French Vanilla

secretive seven new flavors: french vanilla

Just Yummy! A word that suits this flavor. The creaminess makes it mouth-watering. The topping of chocolate cream makes it more delicious and the red cherry adds to its beauty and makes it an attractive one.

So all these are the new flavors which will add extra sweetness to your life. Having only a few flavors make it boring., so all the funky, craziest flavors are here. All these secretive seven new flavors have come this summer to entertain you and to make your summers, a memorable one.

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