self defence techniques

One never knows when danger would leap on and wound with its powerful claw. in today’s day, self-defense is a compulsion.  Though every person should learn self defence techniques, women are the ones who should know it the most because they are considered to be the weaker section and are much prone to attacks. However, women should break that myth and fight in dangerous situations. With the help of certain self defence techniques, women can fight and overcome dangerous situations. Thus, a defense for women is essential.

With the increase of rape, murders, and various crimes, one must learn self defense techniques.

self defence techniques

1. Remaining Alert

The very first step for being safe is remaining alerted. One tends to attack someone who doesn’t have enough sense of their surroundings, busy with something: phone, books and is distracted. This psychology is what plays in the mind of the attacker.

2. Keep pepper sprays, chilly powder, hairpins nearby, and long nails.

Remember Vidya Bagchi attacking the criminal in the climax of ‘Kahaani’? Oh yes! Hairpins are useful, too.  Throwing pepper sprays, a chilly powder right in the eye of the attacker would shock him and he will wreathe in pain giving you a chance to escape.

3. Punch in the face (one of the best self defence techniques)

On the face of somebody standing right in front, you can punch in their face directly, thus taking the time for the other person to stabilize and run.

self defence techniques

4. Throw, Break, Make Noise

Throw some chairs, break a window pane, bring obstacles in front to obstruct him from reaching you. This will help in making them scared.

5. Do not let the attacker relocate you

Never let the attacker take you to any other place. They tend to isolate you which would make the attacks easier.

6. Shout out for help and scream at the top of your voice

Angle your body in such a position that you can cope up with the sudden attack at any time, keep your right leg forward, your upper body tilted.

Positions for defense-

1. Front kick to groin

This is very powerful. When someone attacks you, drive your hip forward, bend your knees and move your heel back only to hit back by extending knee and leg with force and contact the groin area with the top of your foot. The attacker will take a lot of time to gain composure.

2. Attack from Ground

When you are pushed into the ground and the attacker is right in front of you, spring up by thrusting your hip and hit them with both of your feet, then run and escape.

self defence techniques

3. 360 or circular

Often the attacker would want to attack the victim from the back or at a circular position, thus keeping the arm at a right angle and hitting with the wrist in a powerfully strong force.

4. Hit with knuckles

You can hit with the knuckles of your hand just below the eye of the attacker. This will make him bleed, too if the punch is hard. One of the most powerful ways of self-defense.

Spots to Hit at-

1. Eye

Oh yes! This is very important and one of the best self defence techniques. Hitting anyone near the eyes is very powerful and thus a poke or gouge to the eyes is very painful.

2. Ears

It has many nerve endings. Thus, when hit at the ear, the attacker would obviously recoil back in pain.

3. Groin

A hit at the groin, as explained is the most used tactic to escape from such situations. A kick in the groin doesn’t even need an explanation what a savior it can be.

4. Ankles

Ankles are fragile than other joints and thus a weak point.

5. Knee

A kick to the front side would make the attacker kneel down, soon.

6. Throat

Hitting at the lower part of throat takes the breath away and cause choking.


self defence techniques

Self-defense is a powerful way to scream out that we aren’t weak; rather we face danger in every possible way but can come out of it. It is time, that women start to learn these and protect themselves against dangerous human-masked animals.

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