(Sex is one of the most pleasing experience one can have if carried out rightly. We must be aware, sex is healthy for the body and soul. As a matter of fact, sex is a necessity not a luxury after a certain age. However, we are bounded by sex taboos that are completely imbecile. We tend to give up the pleasing experience and resort to taboos.

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Here is the list of sex taboos that are completely imbecile!

1. Sex during the day is dangerous

Sex taboos: Sex during the day is dangerous
Sex during the day is not at all dangerous.

At number 1 in our list of Sex taboos is, Sex during the day is dangerous. Sexual relationships are approved by Cuna of Panama only at night; also according to belief, in Malaysia, sex during the day will cause thunderstorms and deadly lightning, leading to the drowning of the offending couple but also other innocent people. Sex is also prohibited in certain places.

This is beyond our understanding why would you want to destroy an opportunity of afternoon adventure or evening erotism?

2. Women have lesser sexual urge than men

Sex taboos: Women have lesser sexual urge than men
Women libido is as strong as men’s

The list of Sex taboos also includes this. Women, in fact, have a lot of nerve endings at the clitoris. The greater blood flow towards the clitoris, which is equivalent to the penis in male causes greater orgasm.

Thus, it is absolutely wrong to say that women have lesser sexual urge than male. It can be as strong as that of men.

As a matter of fact, women feel less guilty about masturbation than that of men. Certain women can orgasm to a greater level that is equivalent to the men orgasm.
So, the next time you say that women have a lesser libido, be aware!

3. No sex during menstruation

This myth has to stop by now. The mating during menstruation is her decision. Whether you want to have sex, depends upon both of you let the society not dictate upon your wish. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t have been here if women didn’t go through periods.
There are many women who would want to have sex during this period. On the other hand, there are women who feel pained. Depending on your women, you can decide whether to have sex or restraint.

4. Multiple orgasms are fake

Sex taboos: Multiple orgasms are fake
Multiple orgasms are real

Multiple orgasms are actually real. A lot of women are aware of these. It feels like a series of waves that hit one. The pleasure reaches its peak during multiple orgasms as famously claimed by many women. Multiple orgasms are no more lies but they are the real beauty.

Women who undergo multiple orgasms tend to enjoy sex in a much wonderful manner.

5. Peeing after sex has effects on pregnancy

Peeing after sex

This is absolutely baseless. Peeing after sex has no effects on pregnancy. In order to prevent Urinary Tract Infection, it is advised to pee right after sex. Spooning and cuddling can wait. However, peeing after sex will not stop your pregnancy. Scientifically, it is not possible. Peeing after sex having an effect on pregnancy is nothing but one of the most imbecile sex taboos.

Thus, we are by now aware of the myths and sex taboos. In all cost, we must avoid them and enjoy this gift because youth isn’t going to return in its purest form, all over again.

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