(Sherlocked: Facts about Sherlock Holmes series) Are you also ‘Sherlocked’ like Irene Adler? In fact, all of us, from teens to adults, juniors to seniors, ooh-ed, and aah-ed over Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. We have binge watched the series, read Sherlock Holmes books and what not. The show was broadcast by BBC and hit the TRP, immediately. Cumberbatch undoubtedly has his own aura and we all are ‘Sherlocked’, not just the super seductive Irene Adler and we all love to read facts about Sherlock Holmes series and have surely played Sherlock Holmes quiz with our friends and family.

So, those who are Sherlocked must be aware of these facts about Sherlock Holmes series

Facts about Sherlock Holmes series #1 Sherlock Holmes’ Parents

Sherlock Holmes’ parents

At number 1 in our list of facts about Sherlock Holmes facts is fact about Sherlock Holmes family that we have Sherlock Holmes’ parents. Strikingly enough, Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents played the role of Sherlock’s parents. Ventham and Timothy Carlton were the real names. Both of them were actors during their era. Such a striking fact, isn’t it?

#2 Mary is actually Watson’s real-life spouse

Sherlock Holmes Series
Mary Watson

Just like Sherlock’s parents, Mary is played by Watson’s real-life spouse, Amanda Abbington. There is a wonderful chemistry between them, that we have to accept. Consequently, the chemistry reflects in the movie itself. We can easily guess why they come off so well! Those who are Sherlocked must be very well aware about this!

#3 Irene Adler’s nudity was a point of great criticism

Irene Adler meets Sherlock Holmes

Enough said the most sensual episode of season 2 was that of Irene Adler and Holmes. The portrayal of the intelligent, calculated, seductive and loving Irene Adler was magnificent, by Lara Pulver. However, not everybody appreciated that. As a matter of fact, Doyle’s Irene Adler would never fall for Sherlock Holmes. She was graceful and wouldn’t take Moriarty’s help leave alone using her nudity to influence Holmes.

#4 Matt Smith was auditioned for playing Watson

Martin Smith
Martin Smith auditioned for Dr.Watson

Facts about Sherlock Holmes also include that, Benedict Cumberbatch remained the first choice for playing Sherlock Holmes. We all are evidently aware of that fact. However, it is interesting for us to note, that actors like Matt Smith audition for playing John Watson. Ultimately, as we all are aware of, the role was given to Martin Freeman.

#5 Benedict performed the stunt of actual ‘fall’

The fall of Sherlock Holmes

Surprisingly and yet more exciting, facts about Sherlock Holmes series include, Benedict Cumberbatch performed the stunt of the Great Fall. He admitted that it was a fast fall from a lower roof to another roof of four feet. In fact, effects of the camera are pretty evident in this case.

#6 Benedict isn’t a great violin player as Sherlock Holmes

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes

Contrary to many beliefs, Benedict Cumberbatch, in fact, was not a great violin player. A pain at the bottom of the heart? Unfortunately enough, Deal with it! What more can you expect from that masculine man! He has got all the wonderful qualities, indeed. Let us forgive him on the violin part.

Are you really Sherlocked? Then you must have known all these facts about Sherlock Holmes series!

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