Shillong: ‘Scotland of the East’ & The ‘Rock Capital’ of India


Shillong, a place celebrated for its picturesque magnificence. It is the capital of the northeastern state – Meghalaya which is additionally known as the “Residence the mists”. The excellent slope station of Shillong is known for its wonderful climate and amazing excellence. It is home to different visitor spots. It is on the Plateau of Shillong, at a normal elevation of 4,908 feet i.e. 1,496 meters over the ocean level. Shillong fills the base camp of the East Khasi Hills District. In the British Raj, when Meghalaya was a piece of Assam, it was the capital of the composite Assam.

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Why was the Title Given?

Earlier, the British settled in Cherrapunji. It is the place which holds the record for the most rain in a date-book month. Thus, they moved to Shillong. As Shillong is set among the lavish mild woodlands of Khasi and Jaintia Hills, it has a salubrious atmosphere. This attracted the Brits. The town lies in the midst of the moving slopes that helped the pioneers to remember Europe of Scotland. Henceforth people knew this place as, “Scotland of the east”.


Shillong is arranged on the Shillong Plateau, at a normal height of 4,908 feet. It is the most noteworthy pile of Scotland – Ben Nevis is additionally 4,411 feet, i.e. 1,345 meters high. It is like the statue of Shillong Plateau. Consequently, these two surprisingly delightful spots have a considerable measure in like manner.

The Vibrant Culture and Diversity of Shillong.

Like the other northeastern spots, Shillong is a heaven unexplored. The climate of Shillong is charming and the town is free from contamination. All through the summers, the normal temperature stays around 23 °C, i.e. 73 °F. While, in the winters, it is around 4 °C, i.e. 39 °F.

This picturesque magnificence is home to a portion of the real tribes of upper east Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia. Matrilineal society is one of the particular components of this place. Khasi individuals are in the dominant part living here. Besides the Khasi; Garo, Jaintia, and different other northeastern tribes include Shillong’s populace. Alongside Nepalese, Assamese, Bengalis, and a reasonable number of Hindi-talking individuals, together making the place a cosmopolitan city.

Religion and Populace

Christianity is the dominating religion of this place, with 59.9% of the populace being Christians. Hinduism is trailed by 30.0% of the aggregate populace. An expansive number of the populace likewise take after the native Khasi religious-Niamtre and Niam Khasi.


It is otherwise called the “melodic capital”, or “shake capital” of India. It is the center of western music, particularly English music in the Republic of India. Overall celebrated groups have been coming to Shillong for performing.

Shillong- The Breathtaking Beauty and Tourist Attractions.

Talking about the excellence of this heaven, there are a lot of traveling spots close-by. The greatest and excellent waterfalls and pools of India are here. Waterfalls, for example, Elephant Falls, Sweet Falls, Bishop and Beadon Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, and Crinoline Falls are a treat to watch. Wards Lake is a standout spot there. People know it  “Nan-Polok” by local people.


It additionally offers you a sneak-look into the rich culture and vegetation of upper east with various exceptional galleries. Some of these are Don Bosco Center for Indigenous Cultures, State Museum, Captain Williamson Sangma State Museum, Rhino Heritage Museum, Arunachal Museum, and Botanical Museum. For the admirers of life sciences, there is Entomological Museum. The place is the only committee to moths and butterflies.

Other vacation spots incorporate Lady Hydari Park, Shillong Peak-an outing spot which is around 1965 meters above ocean level and is most astounding in the territory of Meghalaya. It offers you a complete perspective of the breathtaking wide open. Chrysalis Gallery at Police Bazaar is a workmanship display that makes you acquainted with the northeastern and Indian culture with the assistance of model, artistic creations, crafted works, and photography. House of God of Mary Help of Christians is a place where you can love and lounge yourself in the excellence of its recolored glass windows, and high curves.

The place is home to the world’s wettest fairway.  It is also one of the biggest in Asia-Shillong Golf Course. It is one of the common greens in Asia. Paragliding, bungee hopping, and go-trucking are the adventure sports there.

Considering the above points, this beautiful place offers a kaleidoscope of colors through its landscape. Thus, Shillong is worth watching!

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