(Similarities in Religions ) Religions are institutions that recommend a way of life and provide for your emotional needs. Religions are often held in a very revered position among groups of people. There are innumberale similarities and differences between religions. There are many religions around the world,each leading towards the same final end place where one attains inner peace and sacredness. Often it can be noticed that there are many similarities in religions , they seem to have very similar paths and ideas. Even their stories and prophets seem analogous to each other.

Here is a list of amazing similarities in world  religions that lead up to the similar end goal of their respective versions of divinity.

1. Good is Light and Darkness is Evil

Good is Light and Darkness is Evil

According to the Quran, it’s Allah’s light that keeps the heavens and the earth illuminated all the time.
According to the Bible, God is hope and his words are a lamp lighting our path. He is the ultimate brightness that lights up our dark, clouded minds.
Hinduism celebrates the victory of good over evil with a festival of light called Diwali.
In Buddhism, a lightened halo surrounds Buddha’s head in Artist’s depictions of an enlightened Gauthama.
The Jews along with Christians prescribe to the belief that God created light before all else and alleviated all darkness.

Therefore, according to one of the similarities in religions , good is light and darkness is evil.

2. God Exists in Our Hearts

god exists in our hearts

Almost all religions don’t distinguish god as an entity that cannot be attained.
In Christianity, Jesus tells us that the kingdom of God exists within each one of us.
In Hinduism, the Bhagavad Gita says that God dwells in everything. While the Upanishadsreveals that God is hidden in all living beings.
Buddhism mentions that we can attain the enlightenment by proper reflection and self-questing along with meditation.

Hence, similarities in religions also include the belief that god exists in our hearts.

3. God is One

god is one

One of the religion similarities present a universal view of the oneness of Divinity. Even those that don’t prescribe this like Hinduism and Greeks still have a single creator and mega power over all other gods. This principle has to lead to many emperors and social thinkers to unify the religions into one choosing common morals and philosophies

4. Abraham


As three of the most popular and mainstream religions around the world, there are some major similarities in religions including a singular origin. Abraham is considered the forefather of all three religions. While Christianity and Judaism maintain him as Abraham, Islam terms him as Abram. This is due to an interesting historical relationship.
God promised to bless a hundred-year-old, childless Abraham with a descendant pool as numerous as the grains of sand on the beach. He had a child with his wife Sarah’s servant girl to give birth to Ishmael while he had Issac with Sarah. From here they deviated to form two major religions and one branch further divided into Judaism and Christianity as a result there is a lot of similarities between Christianity and Judaism.

5. Gabriel


Angel Gabriel appeared to Jesus’s human father Joseph and convinced him against breaking up with Mary. He also seems to be the same that appeared to Prophet Muhammad when he was meditating.

6. The Moses, Karna story similarity

The Moses, Karna story similarity

Both Moses from Christianity and Judaism and Karna from Hinduism had a similar event in their lives. They both had to be separated from their mothers at infancy. Both were put into baskets of reed and set afloat. They both grew up and became princes in a rival’s palace. But Moses learned his roots sooner and switched to his people and lead them away from slavery.

7. The Word that began the world

The Word that began the world: Om

In John 1, the Bible states that in the beginning there was the word, the word was with God and all things were made through this word. Hinduism believes that the word ‘OM’ created the world.

These were few of the many similarities in religions. It’s time to stop dividing into religious lines but instead, follow its ideals and be kind and benevolent people.

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