Considering Kota as a developing district in one of the states of India; Kota is also famous in its own way. Being one of the 33 districts in Rajasthan, we must not forget about the movie shootings and television serials in the city. Here are few points which can prove that Kota is “Famous”.

1. Kota Ki Kachori

Talking about food, we Indians are so fond of spicy junks. The Foodies will fall for the Kachories made in Kota. These Kachoris are famous all over Rajasthan and other states too, with the name being “Kota Ki Kachori”.

2. Kota Doria

Kota Doria

It is a variety of cloth material that we find in Kota, which makes elegant Sarees. It is a unique weave combination of cotton and silk, and Zari glorifies its ethnic look.

3. Kota stone

This popular stone is economic and durable. Its mines are found mainly in the main city itself and near Ramganj Mandi and Kota in Rajasthan. It is a kind of limestone popular for flooring due to its benefits which are slipping-resistant, toughness, and affordability.

4. Hanging Bridge

hanging bridge

The Bridge over the river Chambal is a cable-stayed bridge. It well-connects the route from Jaipur to Baran, Rawatbhata to Jhalawar, Jaipur-Jabalpur, and other Trade routes. Its construction began in 2007. There was a delay in this Bypass Bridge construction after an accident in December 2009.

5. Seven Wonders

Kota is the only city which stands unique for the building of miniatures of the seven wonders present around the world. The park situated near Kishore Sagar Talab (which makes its ambiance more attractive) comprises of The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Colosseum, Christ the Redeemer. Its beauty allures the tourists and visitors in a single go.

6. Coaching Centers

Kota is also known as “The Education City”. The enlightening coaching centers for IIT are gems of the City.

We’ve covered almost all the aspects which make a place deserving and famous: Food, clothing, and awe striking places to visit. These points are more than enough to attract visitors to the city and making it “Famous”.

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