Sachin Tendulkar has been installed as the brand ambassador of Smartron India Private Limited, India’s first global technology product brand. This IT company has received fairly good reviews, since its launch on 19th May 2016. However, people are inclined to purchase the products like Tphones, Tbooks because they are innovated, designed and engineered in India. Everything from advanced  IoT devices to high-end computers and smartphones. Nevertheless, this move will bring about a considerable increase in its sales as the batting legend is promoting it. People don’t realise that Sachin is also a strategic stakeholder in this company i.e, he is contributing a discreet amount of sum. In simple words, if the company claims a profit, he too would get something out of it.

Smartron Tphone

What makes Smartron different?

The best part about Smartron is that they are including all the latest technologies. It has IoT(Internet of Things), AI(Artificial Intelligence), and big data, in order to match the pace of the rapidly increasing futuristic technologies. In addition to this, Tphones are available in a variety of vivid shades, the phones certainly stand out of the crowd.


“At Smartron we take immense pride in the engineering and innovative spirit of India. We are witnessing an Indian brand showcasing to the world that smart technology products can compete with leading tech brands. This is just the beginning at Smartron and it is time India stands out in the smart technology space.”


Mahesh Lingareddy, Founder of Smartron, said, “The company has invested $10 million and plans to raise further funds as it expands its product line. Currently, Foxconn’s assembly line-up manufactures the Tbook and Tphone. However, soon a new line-up will be set up for Smartron products. So, the entire product range would be made in India.”

“With the Internet of things wave at its peak, it becomes important to seize this opportunity and design products that will nurture the technology space in India. The launch of the product coincides with the launch of Apple’s facility in Hyderabad,” K.T. Rama Rao, Indian politician from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, said.

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