Engineer, Doctor, CA, Singer, Dancer and much more. World is running to be someone. To make their unique identity. People around us talking about colleges, post graduation, shifting from one state or country to another for work, etc. Then, there are some things felt by lost souls like us. They only know few things about future that they will breathe one more time, that there will be a heartbeat, that tick tock is running 1,2,3 minutes. Though if you read our brains, configure it you will get a world, bigger than earth, galaxies in our head, we are floating in milky way. So, here are the things felt by lost souls in their lives or career that they can easily relate to.


1. Shhh!! Its a secret.

Yes, you can’t let those imaginations come out. You can’t reveal them. You take all the heavy emotions. One of the many things felt by lost souls is a burden of your fear of being lost, a dark vision within you. You prefer it because you are scared of being judged, criticized, isolated, or a joke.


2. Lets try that too once!

One of the most common things felt by lost souls is the feeling of trying new things. You try your luck everywhere to find your journey. You are done with every sport, hobby, everything around you, every crazy little thing in your mind but you are still a wanderer! You find belonged to this, that. But Sweetheart! At the end of the day you find yourself nowhere or belonged to some place which doesn’t exist.


3. Are you jealous?

Somehow, all your friends are on the right path. They will be someone, they have plans. They talk to you about their planned and scheduled future. One of the most prominent things felt by lost souls is jealousy. Of course you are happy, but still insecure and jealous. Every time they discuss anything to you, you go deeper in your lost world.


4. Run! 

Things felt by lost souls also include the feeling of running away. You are afraid that you won’t ever be able to come out of this maze. You feel stuck. You don’t find a solution. All you want to run far away from that place. You want to escape your own self made world but you somehow paralyzed.


5. Good at nothing.

Only sometimes, you feel like a white crayon by forgetting that it is important to make a dark black paper beautiful and visible to the eyes. Things felt by lost souls are the feelings of being useless, by underestimating themselves.


6. Road not taken!

You are a super talented all-rounder. You have touched every star of the sky. You are good at various things but can’t make one decision. Most of all the things felt by lost souls is indecisiveness. It is like so many roads to walk on but don’t know the right one which will take you to the destination.


7. Lights will guide you home!

On the times, you want someone to talk, a warm hug. Last of all the things felt by lost souls is the feeling to put your heart out. Someone just to say ” It will be alright, you’ll reach there.” This probably will not show the right direction but a light from a candle far away.


“When we’re lost in a desert night
And we’re chasing our paradise
When we can’t fight another fight
We’re gonna make it, make it, make it
You’re my oasis!!”

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