(5 Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs) Comic book based superhero movies have been immensely popular lately. You must have found yourself compelled to watch a couple of movies beforehand to watch the latest superhero movie, this is because of extended universe. Extended universe- a universe of superhero’s where each gets their story of the origin and then team up to face the world, to change the threat or villain. Avengers (Marvel comic superheroes assemble) has made this idea famous and executed it brilliantly. Marvel and DC are the major comic book sources and home for all the superheroes we know and love.

Action movies dominate the action genre. Most of them are good, some are just average. What this means is, that each has an action scene, a villain and a hero who saves his girl/city/world. Where the Marvel movies truly stand out is, in their light-hearted approach with puns, sarcasm and great humor. DC is still working on their movies, extended universe and they are getting better. Marvel has made many films and each has been a runaway success. At this point there have been so many movies, that the critics claim, the superhero movies will eventually saturate and start to have very less entertainment value.

While this might be eventually true because even hero’s story characterization has become generic, humor is average and villains have less motivation. Comic book superhero movies need to change for better. Moreover, there are certain things that the Superhero movie genre needs!

Here are the 5 things that will make superhero movies more entertaining than ever (*SPOILERS*). Definitely, the things that the Superhero Movie Genre Needs:-

1. Stop messing with Hero’s Parents

#1 Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: Spiderman’s uncle Ben died leading to Spiderman origin. Batman’s parents died in an ally, Superman lost his father to a man of steel… the list could go on. Superheros lose their loved ones and then decide to do something good to honor their memory. This plot is visited a lot and used a ton of times.

Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: stop messing with hero's parents

We deserve better origin stories. It would have been much better if their loved one’s life and make them better. Their parents could drive them away from the despair of the world changing threat and help them fight better. I think there’s rarely a powerful scene between a father and superhero son where there is motivation, not a loss. While we can’t skip certain parent’s death’s in some movies (Batman), that doesn’t mean all superhero’s parents and loved one should or must die. Then again, the infamous Martha scene in Batman Vs. Superman is something why filmmakers should stop messing with superhero’s parents.

2. Villain’s motive

#2 Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: A superhero movie is incomplete without the villain. Just like the heroes of the movie, villains are anti-heroes of the movie. We all get the origin of superhero and the reasons why they do what they do. Why not do the same for the villain. Villain’s motive is what keeps the drama fast paced and action kicking. Villain’s intention, motive and why they are willing to do what the hero or any sane person won’t do, pretty much makes them perfect antagonist.

Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: villain's motive

Sadly, not all superhero movies pay attention to villains as a character. They pay attention to their materialistic power, suit, weapon etc. Like in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor is an archenemy of Superman and frames him for all destruction but why? Because he feels Superman is a threat. But why put the Batman against Superman?  For stealing Krypton?  The motives are not clearly defined and make Lex a character that is underdeveloped. On the other hand, civil war’s Zemo easily drives a rift between the heroes because he had a sense of loss. The loss he incurred when Avengers were busy fighting super villains.  Zemo has no super power and no suit but he is one heck of a villain. Black Panther doesn’t kill him, in the end, giving him, the hero a much character arc then we get to see in many of the movies.

A whole day would be less to talk about how great BvS could have been, and how great Civil war is. Villains are the heroes of their own story and should never be left out. Villains aren’t someone who you beat or defeat in the climax. They are much more than that.

3. Content & Cinematography

#3 Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: Making movie is an art. It requires skill. It’s a skill to tell a story in the most compelling way. Superhero’s comics have great content. The best example of beautifully made action movies is the dark knight (and series), The Watchmen and Logan. These movies are not for everyone. They are made exceptionally well for the movie watchers who have taste for great story and character. These movies are complex.

Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: content and cinematography

If the kind of art we see in masterpieces is used in every painting regardless of the subject of painting; all the paintings won’t make sense. Content with cinematography can give you an immersive experience. It makes you feel that the hero’s world is real. That’s what the Dark Knight trilogy did. Batman Vs. Superman is made like a dream. It is so much better than most of the current movies in terms of brawl action and story moments. Sadly, it’s not a good movie. That’s why we need both content and cinematography integrated so well that the film speaks more than characters.

4. Intelligent Humor

#4 Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: Marvel introduced us to humor and sarcasm which only made the superhero movie genre more compelling. It had dance sequences in the climax of a movie, hero mocking villains name, awkward pun intended conversations. Marvel truly knows how to make you laugh amid all the seriousness of its action. While humor is great for these movies, it has become more and more expected. Sometimes, it makes certain important moments or scenes of movies lose their true meaning. It is becoming more and more expected that the hero is cocky funny and sarcastic.

Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: intelligent humor

Intelligent humor can allow the story to have fun but in its own perimeter not by puns or sarcasm. Humor that pops out on the irony of the scene is much more intelligent. One such moment is in Watchmen movie when Ozymandias says “I’m not a comic book villain…” It is in some ways done by Logan also. Like during the family dinner they all have interesting conversations and Logan calling shit on the X-men comics.

This is what makes movies better by self-containing them and avoiding the need to mock some characters. Even, Wonder woman does it in the scene with Steve Trevor on the Boat, their conversation is really amusing. Dead pool is in its own league in terms of humor. The movie brilliantly mocks the whole idea of super hero movies! One cannot help but wonder about the failure of the green lantern in terms of story and humor.

5. A True Sacrifice

#5 Things That The Superhero Movie Genre Needs: Superhero movies often avoid the sacrifice part and end on a happy note. Villains are made weak in this whole scenario as they don’t cost anything to the plot except few action scenes. A true sacrifice is not when hero gives up their cowl or when a supporting role member is inspired by heroics and sacrifices himself/herself for the greater good.

superhero movie sacrifices

Villain killing someone who is dear to Hero is very common (not parents again please). Villain breaking the soul of the hero, his principle and making his loved suffer so much that they question the heroes. Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 show a perfect hero sacrifice of Yondu followed by a brilliant breathtaking moment. Sadly, movies that have good sacrifice moments are rare and underrated.

The movies aren’t perfect they can learn, they can improvise and they can rebuild. I fail to see any time where the superhero hype train slows down. I mean just look at the new Black Panther trailer it’s beautifully different and unorthodox!

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