7 Things To Do When Bored


(Things to do when bored) Bored? Because every one of us is either too Busy or Bored. Most of us do not understand what to do when we are bored and end up wasting time on useless things. You may enjoy utilizing your time for productive things than simply wasting it.

So here’s a list of few things to do when bored!

#1 Go for a walk:

Have a walk in your surroundings. Many of us are so busy in our day to day lives that we fail to notice  few minute details in our surroundings. It may be an old tree in your locality or the puppy next door.  Feel the nature around you. This will definitely help you get refreshed and relaxed.

things to do when bored: walk

#2 Spend some time away from technology:

Every one of us is so much obsessed with Technology and electronic gadgets. So the next time you are free and bored, Try to spend time without using any gadgets like mobile phones, Laptops etc., Try staying away from social Networking sites and entertainment sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat etc., Try spending some quality time with friends and family in real life. Remember that not everything must be posted somewhere on the internet. Taking a break is something you can try when you are bored.

things to do when bored: spend time away from technology

#3 Getting Organized:

Organizing is a good way of utilizing your time. There’s no need to rearrange or change the plan of your entire room. Just start with something small and manageable like a corner of your room. Spots like bookshelves, wardrobes generally get very messy due to our hectic work schedule. You can also dispose a few things which you don’t use anymore as the part of the process. Your mother is definitely going to be happy to see your organized room and closet. Therefore, its at number 3 in our list of things to do when bored.

things to do when bored: getting organized

#5 Meet an old friend:

One of the happiest things to do when bored is meeting someone you haven’t in a long time. Try to catch up a friend whom you haven’t talked to in forever. Plan a reunion with your old mates. You can also go for an outing to any place which you wanted to visit from so long. You can also call or video call your friends and stay in touch with them.

things to do when bored: meet a old friend

#6 Try solving a puzzle:

There’s no better way of killing time than solving a puzzle and thus, we have it at number 6 in our list of things to do when bored. You can solve any of the daily puzzles like crossword, Sudoku or any other puzzles. It takes different parts of your brain to think vigorously to solve a puzzle and so it increases your thinking abilities along with passing time.

things to do when bored: solving a puzzle

#7 Start a blog:

Start a blog.This will keep you occupied in most of your boring times. You can start a blog on anything! Follow your interest. This way you can also develop your skills and showcase you talent to the outside world. Moreover, this is the most productive things to do when bored.

things to do when bored: start a blog

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