‘NO’- the simple, monosyllabic response to a Yes/No question. ‘No’-a complete sentence in itself. ‘NO’- to drugs, ‘NO’ to crackers, ‘NO’-to college rape, ‘NO’- to Trump. BUT ‘NO’ TO THE SECOND SLICE OF MANHATTAN CHEESECAKE? FOREVER YES. However, yell a resounding ‘NO’ if you do any or all of the following! Following are the things you cannot say no to:

1. Can you say NO to the Kardashian-Jenner clan? NO!

things you cannot say no to

It is honestly so annoying. Everywhere on the internet today, you will find their obnoxious, porcelain faces and silicon-filled bodies and their ridiculously lavish lifestyle hogging the screenscape. But we find it incredibly difficult to change the topic when it’s about Kylie’s plump lips or Kim’s pompous handbag collection. Snapchat, do tell me how Kim paired those strange jeans with that nude bralette?

2. Can you say NO to the urge from within to argue and prove yourself right? NO!

things you cannot say no to

When ego rides the high horse, it becomes a necessity to prove oneself right.
We want our opinions to be valued, however off the mark they may be. We want our reasonings to be factored in, however ridiculous they maybe. Lastly, we want to argue till they drop. We can absolutely never say NO to the urge to fight.

3. Can you say ‘NO’ to the possibility of an ear-worm? NO!

things you cannot say no to

Know that feeling when you hear an amazing song for the first time and you want to keep listening to it, but you know what happens after a few days? YEAH. You get bored of it. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. You just can’t say NO to LADY GAGA. NO, LADY GAGA, I’M over Bad Romance.

4. Can you say ‘NO’ to PIZZA? NO!

things you cannot say no to

Planning out a diet in the morning and ordering a large double cheese pepperoni at night-this habit is far too real to shun. You simply cannot say NO to PIZZA. Pizza for blue evenings, gloomy nights and lonely mornings. For success and for failure. Pizza in reward and to applaud. PIZZA FOR PRESIDENT. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, pizza is life! Definitely, one of the things you cannot say no to!

5. Can you say ‘NO’ to living dangerously? NO!

things you cannot say no to

Do you ever come across a “NO dogs allowed beyond this point” sign and deliberately take your dog around that point to frolic around on the grass? The actual thrill lies in challenging the authorities and vandalizing government property. *ahem* Stay rebellious.

6. Can you say ‘NO’ to chicken nuggets? NO!

things you cannot say no to

You simply cannot refuse to eat Chicken Nuggets even during Bird Flu. Ain’t no Avian drama’s getting to us. Be it during religious festivals or even when money’s tight. The wallet will always be green for chicken. Unless you’re a vegetarian, chicken nuggets rank number 1 for foodies’ list of things you cannot say no to!

7. Can you say ‘NO’ to Whatsapp? NO!

things you cannot say no to

The exam fever is on. The notes are still being photocopied at the local stationers. The phone is abuzz with frantic calls from friends. Some pages are missing from the books. You’ve lost your appetite and your parents are worried sick for you. Just then, your crush sends you a message on Whatsapp and the phone screen lights up to announce her arrival. What will your anticipated move be?

8. Can you say ‘NO’ to a cute dog? NO!

things you cannot say no to

Whenever a fluffy ball of joy and bliss bounces towards us with its tongue lapping around, it’s an unbeknownst sin to not pet it. If you don’t wish to be transported to the fiery corner of Hell, pet the dog. EVEN if it’s been lying in the gutter near your house. This would be definitely one of the things you cannot say no to!

9. Can you say ‘NO’ to that compelling, crooked nail? NO!

To the attractive nail, the chapped lower lip and skin-lints- Do not force me to pick at you, because I will do it. I have been trying so hard to grow my nails out this week, why do you have to be stubbornly edgy? I might have to ignore you guys for a while. It’s time for me to look away. *gives up and gorges on nails*

10. Can you say ‘NO’ to selfies? NO!

things you cannot say no to

Selfies are the guiding force behind dolling up, dressing to the nines, applying that extra-stingy mascara and pouting under the perfect mirror light. The immaculate sense of symmetry, lighting, and filters have to be factored in this endeavor to produce that Snapchat worthy selfie to garner the maximum views. This is the selfie generation and we aren’t ever shying away from it.

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