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(Tips For Long Distance Relationships) Relationships are blessings that life endows upon us. There is madness, euphoria in relationships. It is mixed in the truest sense and charm of relationships. All kinds of relationships are precious. In addition, romantic relationships add a special sparkle in our lives, giving us the strength to face the world and live for the other half.

However, when relationships become a long distance one, it is harder to maintain due to the loss of intimacy and the continuous presence of the other half. The desire for the other half, the craving becomes too much for one to tolerate which often leads to the destruction of the sweetness and ultimately couples give up on each other.

Though it may seem hard, maintaining long distance relationship isn’t impossible if you are really in love and makes the base of a strong, dependable, and beautiful relationship.

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Here are some tips for long distance relationships!

1. Regular and innovative communication

Regular and innovative communication

The secret of any successful relationship is communication and with it comes understanding. Through strong communication, the relationship progresses and a strong connection develops. Talk about the everyday happenings, various instances of your lives, share opinions and talk about things that interest both of you. Send voice messages, videos, make cards and send pictures thus making communication no barrier. With the new technology, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, communication is easier. Make use of these tools, effectively.

2. Do constructive work together

do constructive work together

Whether it is making a wonderful presentation together, building a website, writing a novel or studying: you can do so many things together, constructively. This will build up a sense of fulfillment and togetherness and develop your chemistry.

Though it might seem impossible from distance, you can do it. You both can apply for a joint internship, publish articles together, etc. You will be benefited.

3. Providing space

providing space

Just like communication is necessary, providing space is also very important. Do not be clingy and ‘over possessive’, taking away each other’s time in useless communication.Just because you are in a long distance relationship, do not become too obsessed. Long distance relationships do not work that way.

Tips for long distance relationships include learning to trust each other, staying aloof and performing productive work, so that you do not lack things to talk about when you finally communicate.

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4. Be positive

being positive

This is very important in a long distance relationship. There will be times when you would want to curl up in a ball and cry, desiring the warmth and presence of the other but is left with no choice. During those moments of frustrations, stay strong and positive. If one breaks down the other should provide positive energy, asking the other to relax because eventually, you both will end up together, soon.

5. Celebrate on Small and Big events

celebrating on small and big events

A birthday, anniversary, to small success: celebrate in your own way. The special way brings back the magic in relationships. The wonderful surprises and celebration cause involvement. These involvements boost the hormones of happiness; thus pulling you closer. The celebration is a great way to enrich the experience of togetherness.

6. Work hard

work hard to maintain the relationship

One of the most important tips for long distance relationships includes working hard. Relationships aren’t beds of roses made for comfort, lovey-dovey name, cuddles, and kisses. It is a lot of effort, put in every day to build understanding, synchronize the thoughts, make a happier living and thus building the base of the relationship. Consider all that hard work is going to gift you with something wonderful. The hard work has no substitute and because of this, the small efforts put up makes a great effect on the relationship.

7. Make plans and visits

Make plans and visits

Naturally, as a couple, you cannot stay in long distance relationship forever because ultimately, you both got to see each other. Thus make plans of visits, mark dates on the calendar, anticipating and counting days until you both unite in happiness. Planning for visits are equally important like visits itself.

8. Send and receive special gifts

couple gifting each other

Handmade cards, a favorite t-shirt, a bottle of special wine, a watch that you craved for: the lists go on. Send your love special and surprising gifts to enhance the relationship. Gifts will constantly remind you both of each other. It will act as a constant support.

9. Tease and Communicate

Tease and communicate

Sexual urge is a necessity and not a luxury. Every couple has this desire and when you are away you face the lack of physical intimacy and naturally crave for it. However, it can be compensated (to a small extent though) with the help of suggestive and provocative communication, intimacy and wordplay during communication and the exchange of arousing communication. Thus, spice up your relationship.

10. Talk about your problems

Talk about your problems

Speak out. Communicate. Discuss your problems together and solve it. Keeping problems pending will only increase misunderstanding. Problems are to be dealt with care because they can break the relationship. It is time for you to try these out, bring a positive energy, spice up the relationship you are in and make a happy couple with loads of dreams and aspirations.

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