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(Top 10 cuisines in the world) “You don’t need a silver fork to eat a good food”. No doubt, your mother cooks the best food in the world. But, if you want to roam around the world and have a change in your taste then this article is for you.

“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul also”. These popular luscious mouth watering foods from various countries are the perfect choice for an avid foodie. Keep your taste-buds pertinent and help yourself in spicing up your food life.  Let’s start!  Don’t get overexcited though, this list is not a rating- it’s just a collection of delicious destinations! It’s just a list of top 10 cuisines in the world.

It really varies to the one’s taste but if I had to go with a ranking, here is the list of top 10 cuisines in the world!

#1 Italian Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: italian cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #1: The essence of Italian cooking today is its simplicity. The traditional colors of Italian cuisine usually belong to red, green and yellow. Italian cuisine emphasizes the use of the basic cooking techniques and freshest seasonal ingredients. Thus enhancing the natural flavor of the food. The food can be broadly split into two categories. This includes proper dining and then there is Italian fast food. You will usually find all the items based on bread, tomato and olive oil. Wine and cheese play a prominent role. Coffee, especially espresso is another significant item. So, the die- hard fan of pasta and pizza the Italian cuisine is perfect for you.

#2 Chinese Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: chinese cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #2: You will find Chinese food almost everywhere. It can be simple as well as sophisticated. The three traditional aspects used to describe Chinese food are its color, smell, and taste. Steaming, stewing, frying, are the traditional cooking procedures for this food. You can use chop stick for cutting and picking up the food. The staple food comprises of noodles, rice, sauces, vegetables & seasonings.

#3 Thai Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: thai cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #3: The Thai cuisine emphasizes on lightly prepared dishes with strong redolent components and a spicy edge. Like many other Asian cuisines, Thai cooking uses rice as a basic ingredient for the majority of dishes. In fact, the word “food” in the Thai language means literally “to eat rice”.  Furthermore, the food is a blend of perfect tastes. These are sour lime, savory fish sauce, hot chili, salt, and sweetness.  Some of the well-known Thai dishes are rice porridge (chok), fried rice noodles (kuai Tiao rat na), and steamed buns (sala Pao).

#4 Indian Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: indian cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #4: India is a diverse country. So, it’s food. In India, you will get food that is heavily influenced by religious and cultural choices. The food also describes the tradition. Indian food can be broadly divided into four parts: Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western. The Indian foods are prepared with the native herbs, spices, vegetables, etc. Rice, Flour, Pulses, and Vegetables from the staple food in Indian cuisine.

#5 Mexican Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: mexican cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #5: Mexican Food has everything from burritos to old-time favorite chili con Carne. This food can be very spicy, sour or sweet also. It has all kind of eatable meat and all variety of seafood. The desserts are also tasty. The local ingredients comprise of cocoa, tomatoes, squashes. Tortillas made out of corn and wheat is a popular Mexican food. According to @TheDreamYear as put it on Twitter: “Mexican food is irresistible!”

#6 Spanish Cuisine

best cuisines of the world: spanish cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #6: The geography and climate have a great influence on cooking methods and available ingredients in Spanish cuisine. The staple food includes sausages, stewed cod bean tortilla, and tomato bread. This cuisine has a heavy sea food influence and thus offers a typical Mediterranean diet. People generally turn to Spanish food when they want something light and leafy.

#7 French Cuisine

best cuisines of the world: french cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #7: It is difficult to describe the infinite flavors of French food in words. It is renowned for its frail tinge and stinking rich flavors. The major ingredients include Lavender, honey, Olive oil, and garlic. You will find a variety from boeuf bourguignon to multi-colored macaroons.

#8 Japanese Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: japanese cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #8: Here is another cuisine that is popularly preferred by the food lovers across the globe. Japan has limited number of dishes but the way it has dominated the world because of its taste describes everything about it. Its staple foods include Soup, rice, noodles, sushi, meat, and tofu.

#9 Australian Cuisine

best cuisines of the world: australian cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #9: The Australian Cuisine is greatly influenced by the British Traditions. The common ingredients include egg noodles, Olive oil, onions, quince paste, Barossa cheese etc. One of the popular traditional food in Australian cuisine is barbecue meat. Also, you can eat burgers all over the world, but nothing is more Australian than its burger.

#10 Indonesian Cuisine

best cuisines in the world: indonesian cuisine

Top 10 cuisines in the world #10: Indonesian cuisine is one of the peppiest and colorful cuisines in the world. This delicious food is rich in spices, coconut, peanuts, rice, and satay. Indonesian cuisine varies greatly by region. Thus it is perhaps one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Some popular Indonesian dishes include nasi goreng, Gado-Gado, satay, and Soto.

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