They might not be real, but trust me you are too desperate to be one of them. Someday! With an envious bank balance, these people can altogether challenge the Ambani dynasty. All you would wish genie is to swap your crappy life for a day with the richest fictional characters even its for a day.

Here’s the list of Top 5 richest fictional characters that you can kill for!


At the top of the list of richest fictional characters is Scrooge duck from the duck tales. The duck who is swimming in a pool of money worth $63 billion is worth a lot of admiration…isn’t it guys? I guess “don’t underestimate the power of a duck” perfectly aligns with this billionaire Anas platyrhynchos. Oh? Anas platyrhynchos? Calling a living being with $63 billion a duck is not fair. Thus, a classy name for our most affluent fictional character!
Richest Fictional Characters


Our most loved superhero is one of the richest fictional characters. He has acquired a whopping amount of $8.5 billion I guess how much would the suit cost? Not to sideline the gorgeous house equipped with latest technology and fads and that mysterious lab! A floundering costume is worth all. Tony Stark thus reserves a place for himself in richest Fictional characters.

Richest fictional characters


Heir of Wayne enterprise, our batman is one of the richest fictional characters with £6.3 billion in his account! An absolute plutocratic, Wayne’s majority of earning goes to maintaining his aura and grandeur. Well, now you might realize that being a batman also comes at a such thing as free lunches…eh fellas?

Richest Fictional Characters


How can Richie Rich not be a part of the list of richest fictional characters. Talking about Mr. Rich reminds me of the cartoon network series with the same name. The young boy despite the wealth was so chivalrous and so loving to his family and the dog with $ sign imprinted on his whole body. The only child to billionaire businessman, Richie acquired a wealth of $163.4 billion. Don’t forget the famous mount rich-more where all the family fortune was stacked in the breathtaking mansion. Well, that’s a life worth living, no?

Richest Fictional Characters


Had I have not mentioned this guy who has all the single and not so single ladies drooling at his irresistible charm and smile, this article wouldn’t be worth publishing. An owner of assets worth £1.7 billion, this handsome hunk as claimed by the novel earns $100,000 an hour. With a splendid penthouse, private helicopters, fancy cars, Mr. Grey truly is the most desirable hottie till date. Christian Grey definitely holds a place in our list of richest fictional characters.

Richest Fictional Characters

Well, so that was it, the top 5 richest fictional characters. Pray to meet one in your real life. A little optimism never hurt anybody, does it?

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