Top Facts About Werewolves


(Top facts about werewolves) Werewolves are the supernatural and paranormal beings as they are half human and half wolf. They are descendants to the moon goddess who they worship as their ancestral goddess.

Here are a few top facts about werewolves!

Top facts about werewolves

  • Werewolves build their livelihood in forests so that humans don’t get scared.
  • As they cannot roam on roads freely in wolf form so their pack houses are built in the forest.
  • A group of werewolves is known as pack the members of the pack maybe from 500 to 1000.
  • Werewolves have an inner wolf which they get while they transform into wolves.
  • By the look of a human, we cannot say that he/she is a werewolf.
  • But if two or three werewolves are together then they can identify by smelling the air as it exits the body smell of the people around them.
  • A human being changed into a werewolf when guys attain 15/17 years old and girls change into a werewolf when they attain 17 years of age.
  • There are various positions in the pack that is the leader of the pack of a werewolf is known as ALPHA.

Top facts about werewolves

  • And the second leader who controls the pack on the behalf of the Alpha is known as BETA.
  • And the other members are known as third in command and warriors.

About mates:

  • These werewolves have their partners known as mates they find their mates on the birthday of anyone of the mates.
  • Where they get a sweet exotic smell which makes them stir and their inner wolf shouts indicating them as mates.
  • No werewolf rejects their mates as they the soulmate of each other that their moon goddess created for them.
  • If anyone rejected their mate for someone other than their mate then moon goddess gives them second chance mates which are rare.

Top facts about werewolves

  • Every werewolf mates have to go through a certain mating process that is the male mate should mark his female mate on the neck that is little above the shoulder.
  • Where the female mate proudly bears the mark which comprises of wolf face and a crescent moon.
  • An Alpha’s mate is known as LUNA and the Beta’s mate is known as BETA FEMALE and others are female warriors.
  • All werewolves transform into their wolves on full moon day and howl looking the moon which is regarded as the tribute to their moon goddess.

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