Top 5 Indian poets

top indian poets: top indian poets

Today we will share the list of top 5 Indian poets along with their best work till now. have a look. ūüôā

So, here are top 5 Indian Poets of our time:


On no. 1 in our list of top 5 indian poets is Waseem Barelvi who is a prominent Urdu poet. ‚ÄėProfessor‚Äô Waseem Barelvi was born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh on 18th Feb,1940. After completing his M.A. in Urdu qLiterature from Agra University he started his career as an Assistant Professor and later became an Associate Professor followed by the Head of Urdu Dept. Bareilly College, Bareilly.

He had also served as Vice Chairman at the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, Ministry of Human Resource Development, (Department of Higher Education), Government of India.He is known for his exemplary work on Urdu poetry.

This poet from Bareilly  has also won several National and International awards winner and his poetries have been published in multiple literary magazines in India, Pakistan and some other countries too.

Here we bring for you some heart wrenching pieces by Prof. Waseem Barelvi.

top indian poets: Wasim Barelvi

  • “Kadmo ko rukne ka hunar nahi aaya

¬† Sabhi manzile√Ī nikal gayi par ghar nahi aaya.

  • Log kehte hain ki waqt kisi ka gulaam nhi hota

  Fir Kyun teri muskurahat pe ye tham sa jaata hai

  • ¬†Pade raho yoon hi saheme hue diyon ki tarah

   Agar hawaon ke par baandhna nhi aata

  • Sharte lagayi nahi jaati dosti ke saath

¬† ¬†Kijiye mujhe kabool meri har kami ke saath”



Mr. Rajesh Reddy is poet who was born on July 22, 1952 at Nagpur and was brought up in Rajasthan. He started his career as a hindi journalist and then joined the All India Radio. Dr Reddy is popular for his soft and touching shayaris that almost everyone can relate with easily. Therefore, he is at no. 2 in our list of top 5 Indian poets.

Here are some of his soulful shayaris-

top indian poets: Rajesh Reddy

  • “Bahana koi to ai zindagi de

  ki jeene ke liye majboor ho jaaun

  • ¬†Dil bhi ik zid pe ada hai kisi bacche ki tarah

  ya to sab kuch hi isey chahiye ya kuch bhi nahin

  • Doston kya kya hai wo to yun bhi mil jaate hain muft

  roz ek sach bol kar dushman kamane chahiyein

  • ¬†Shaam ko jis waqt khali haath ghar jaata hoon main

¬† muskura dete hain bachche aur mar jaata hoon main”


Third in our list of top 5 Indian poets is Munawwar Rana who is a modern Hindi and Urdu poet who was born in Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh in 1952.  Most of his close relatives, including his aunts and grandmother, moved across the border to Pakistan during the upheavals of the Partition; but, his father, out of love for India, preferred to remain here, despite the prevailing communal frenzy.

His family later moved to Kolkata where the young Munawwar had his schooling. The notable feature of his poetry is that he used the genre of Ghazal to eulogize Mother, which is unique, as Ghazal was considered a poetic form in which lovers conversed with each other.

Rana’s poetry has also been published in¬†Hindi,¬†Urdu,¬†Bengali¬†and¬†Gurumukhi. Rana is known to be a sensitive poet who uses¬†Hindi¬†and¬†Awadhi words¬†in the couplets.

Introducing you to some of his writings-

top indian poets: Munnavar Rana


  • ¬† “Ab judai ke safar ko mere asaan karo

  tum mujhe khwaab me aakar na pareshan karo

  • Chalti phirti hui aankhon se azaan dekhi hai

¬† mai√Ī ne jannat to nahi dekhi hai maa dekhi hai

  • ¬†Hum nahin the to kya kami thi yahan

  hum nahi hongey to kya kami hogi

  • Lipat jaata hoon maa√Ī se aur mausi muskurati hai

¬† Main urdu mein ghazal kehta hoon hindi muskurati hai”


Dr Kumar Vishwas is an extremely popular and one of the most popular poet in our list of top 5 Indian poets of our time specially in the youth of 21st century. Kumar was born in a small town of Uttar Pradesh in 1970 in a lecturer’s family. Dr Kumar Vishwas later took up teaching as his profession and started his career in 1994 as a professor in Rajasthan.

He started gaining popularity from his performances post 2004 and today he has estabilished himself and a youth icon who is a popular poet of the shringar ras (love poetry).

Fiurthermore, Dr Kumar didn’t restrict himself to teaching or poetry but has also joined politics and remains a popular writer among the masses.

Introducing you to some of his striking  writings-

top indian poets: Dr. Kumar Vishwas

  • ¬†“Mai tera khwaab jee loon par lachari hai

Mera guroor meri khwashishon pe bhari hai

  • Tumhi pe marta hai ye dil, adavat kyun nhi karta

Kayi janmo se bandi hai bagawat kyon nahi karta 

  • Sab apne dil ke raja hain sabki koi raani hai

Bhake prakashit ho na ho par sabki koi kahaani hai

  • Koi manzil nahi jachti safar accha nahi lagta

Agar ghar laut bhi jaaun to ghar accha nhi lagta”



Last but not the least in our list of top 5 Indian poets is Dr. Rahat Indori who is a well-known Urdu shayar and lyrics writer. He was born in 1950 in Indore and did his basic education from there itself. He later completed his MA in Urdu literature from Bhopal and achieved his PhD from Bhuj University of Madhya Pradesh. Dr Indori’s childhood was a tough one as his family was going through a financial crisis and thus his career graph has the typical tough-times-to-tinsel-town element to it.

He is a Painter turned Professor, Poet and then a Hindi film Lyricist. Further, he was a Pedagogist of Urdu literature in Indore University before his flair was spotted by Mumbai’s film industry and the listeners of Urdu poetry across the globe.

Moreover, he is also the recipient of a number of national and international awards for Urdu sher-o-shayari. He is quite a popular lyrics writer in the Hindi film industry too. Also is considered to be amongst top Indian poets.

Dr Rahat Indori writings easily touches one’s heart.

Have a look as some of his shayaris yourself:

 top indian poets: Rahat Indori


  • “Bahut guroor hai dariya ko apne honey par

 Jo meri pyaas se uljhe to dhajjiyaan ud jayein 

  • Na hum-safar na kisi hum-nashin se niklega

  Hamare paanv ka kaanta hami se nikega

  • ¬†Uski yaad aayi hai sanson zara aahista chalo

   Dhadkanon se bhi ibadat mein khalal padta hai

  • Ban ke ik hadasa bazaar me aa jayega

   Jo nahi hoga wo akhbaar me aa jayega

   Chor uchkkon ki karo kadr, ki maloom nahi

   Kaun, kab, kon si sarkaar me aa jayega.

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