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(Top Indian stand-up comics) Today, in India, comedy is not limited to males dressing up as females using oranges and doing unfunny gigs on the television. The last decade has seen a complete turnaround in this industry in our country. The emergence of stand-up comics and comedy clubs has given way to a more rational approach to the art. Uncensored, realistic, bold and often embarrassing is the brand of humor that this new crop of artists endorses. Although it took some time, the audience did respond and especially the youth.

So, here I give to you the most humorous Indian stand-up comics in the country right now ready to tickle your funny bone.


indian stand-up comics

#1 Indian stand-up comics: From a software engineer to one of the most loved comedians in the country right now, it has been quite a journey for this guy. A great sense of humor (obviously, he is a comedian) coupled with even better looks make him an out and out hit among the girls. He began his journey by doing open mics between work shifts and soon was making people laugh at Punchline Bangalore and Comedy Store. But what really marked his arrival in the comedy scene was Pretentious Movie Reviews, a Youtube hit that saw him and Biswa Kalyan Rath review movies like Prem Aggan(I know right!) in a hilarious manner. Improv Sketches, stand up and youtube videos, he has been really experimental with his art and still never disappoints.


indian stand-up comics

#2 Indian stand-up comics: The fact that most of the comedians are engineers makes one thing very clear that engineering is such a traumatic experience that it leaves you with no option but to laugh. Biswa is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus and has a degree in Biotechnology which he says is a still a foreign language to him. Left his job at Oracle and found solace in jokes, much like his partner in crime, Kanan Gill. He can joke about anything and everything. Bananas, pomegranates, nail cutters and landscapes-I mean literally everything. Biswa has confessed that he is socially awkward and an introvert and his take on that in one his videos will leave you in splits. He usually makes people go awkward initially and then hits the sweet spot with his jokes. This is the reason why he chose to name his stand-up showcase ” Biswa In Your Face.”


indian stand-up comics

#3 Indian stand-up comics: This comedian has probably the best observational skill set among all. I never knew that taking a bath or, opening the door to your maid could be funny until I watched his videos. Additionally, he is great with the guitar and sings astonishingly well. He can make you fall off your chair without uttering a single word just with his subtle expressions and mime sketches. This Bangalore based comedian has had his share of tough times but now has all girls going gaga over his cuteness. If there is something funny out there, Kenny will find it and make a joke about it.


indian stand-up comics

#4 Indian stand-up comics: His journey started in 2009 when he was one of those 4/5 faces experimenting with the then dead comedy culture in India. As a comedian, you need to be thick-skinned to be a comic is what Pant believes. And rightly so, because in the early years, money does not go come easy and Pant had to sacrifice creative satisfaction for a living many a times. But the tides began to turn in his favor. “Pant on Fire” was his first comedy special and helped him grab eyeballs. And then East India Comedy happened in 2012. Right now, his company is one of the busiest comedy companies in the country. His tweets and posts on social media are even more entertaining. Opinionated, raw and in the face content drive his stand up acts.


indian stand-up comics

#5 Indian stand-up comics: One of the funniest and definitely the most controversial one on this list has to be Tanmay Bhat. But, his journey has been way different. From a stand-up comic artist to a successful entrepreneur and then to effectively juggling between them both is what he is at right now. His initial breakthrough was probably featured on Comedy Store Mumbai’s first all-Indian comedian line up. He soon co-founded a podcast youtube channel. One thing led to another and BOOM! AIB redefined Indian comedy and the online scene just turned upside down.

But, then Tanmay had his plate full of problems as well. And by problems I mean, death threats and FIR. From the viral AIB roast to the Sachin-Lata Snapchat video, he has made some bold choices and some idiotic ones too. But he kept on doing what he does best, entertaining people. He rates creative satisfaction above money anytime and feels that is what keeps him going.


indian stand-up comics

#6 Indian stand-up comics: Well, he has not really enjoyed as much fame as the others on this list have. But, his content in no way is less amusing than his peers. In fact, his style of comedy is a tad different as compared to the others. Satire and sarcasm are his weapons of choice and social issues (which he prefers to call just issues) are his targets. He endorses an entirely different brand of dark humor where he addresses the problems that the country is facing and then hits the audience with a punchline completely out of the blue. Daniel regularly performs at comedy clubs including Canvas Laugh Club, The Comedy Store, Blue Fro and High Spirits. His surreal style peppered with social references makes up for hilarious acts.


indian stand-up comics

#7 Indian stand-up comics: One of the biggest hit among the audience especially the youth right now has to be Zakir Khan. He is relatable and his comedy feeds of his personal experiences. A breakup can never sound funny unless Zakir is at the receiving end of it. A college dropout with a diploma in sitar and a keen interest in poetry is now more than just a successful comedian. He started out as a radio jockey and soon made his first mark on the comedy circuit soon after he won a competition “India’s Best Stand-up Comedian.” He has worked with AIB over a few projects and right now awaits the release of his special “Haq Se Single”. He is the “Sakht Londa” of the industry and his take on relationships and girls will make you laugh your guts out.

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