top k-pop songs of 2017

(10 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017) K-Pop i.e. Korean pop music emerged in South Korea in the 20th century. The modern South Korean pop music uses a wide range of western techniques such as jazz, rock, hip hop, contemporary R&B etc, along with its conventional Korean music. Moreover, there is an increase in the use of English words and phrases in the modern K-pop.

The growth of social networking sites in the 21st century has spread the ‘Hallyu Wave’ (Korean Wave) globally, especially in countries like Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, America, Middle East and India. Recently, the popularity of K-pop is expanding in many states of India, especially in the North eastern states like Manipur, Nagaland etc. This year, tracks of many new generation groups (K.A.R.D, Gugudan, Vromance etc) along with the established groups (BTS, Winner, Got7, Seventeen etc) have made to the list of best K-pop songs of 2017.

top k-pop songs of 2017

Here is the list of 10 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017!

1. Palette – IU and G – Dragon

#1 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: IU (Lee Ji-eun) collaborated with G- Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong) first time for the title track of her album ‘Palette’. This amazing soft pop music sounds even better with the small parts of rap by G- Dragon. The composition and lyrics of the track are done by IU herself along with G-dragon. Moreover, this is her first full-length album since ‘Modern Times’ (2013). The album Palette tops Billboard’s World Albums Chart, making her the first female k-pop artist to top this place in 2017.

2. Untitled 2014 – G –Dragon

#2 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: Untitled 2014 is the first single for G- Dragon’s second EP (Extended play) under his own name ‘Kwon Ji-yong’. This remarkable melancholy ballad topped the music charts within one hour after its release. This track will, as usual, make you fall in love with him and his voice all over again. However, his album is released on USB Flash drive instead of a CD, thus raising doubts and criticisms whether to consider it as an album or not.

3. Spring Day – BTS (Bangtan Boys)

#3 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: Spring Day is the title track of globally popular boy band BTS’s second full-length album Wings, titled ‘You Never Walk Alone’. Charted at number 26 on the Billboard 200, this emotional soulful track breaks all their previous records and became the quickest K-pop group music video to gain 20 million views in more than 4 days. Also, BTS won The Top Social Artist Award at the Billboard Music Awards on 21st May 2017, thus adding further popularity to ‘Spring Day’.

4. Never ever – GOT7

#4 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: The single ‘Never ever’ features GOT7’s sixth EP (Extended play) “Flight Log: Arrival”. This is the final part of their Flight Log Series. Although this track is not as good as their previous ones, their charismatic performance helps them to get 1 million views within a short period of 3 months.

5. Don’t Wanna Cry – Seventeen (SVT)

#5 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: Seventeen, the self-producing idol group makes their latest comeback with the title track ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ of their latest album ‘AI1’. The mesmerizing song and the music video reflect their enthusiasm. Despite having 13 members, their choreography and synchronization is so intense and zealous.

6. Rumor- K.A.R.D.

#6 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: Rumor is a pre- debut project single by co-ed group K.A.R.D. This song is rocking and refreshing. Although this new group has not debuted yet, their project single ‘Rumor’ charted top position on iTunes’ in more than 10 countries.

7. Really Really – Winner

#7 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: ‘Really Really’ is one of the title tracks of Winner’s (boy group) comeback single album. Debuted at number 3 on Billboard, this fiery, catchy and cheerful song will make you groove along with its repetitive tune.

8. Shine Forever – Monsta X

#8 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: ‘Shine Forever’ is one of the singles from Monsta X’s first repackaged album. This song is promising and has quirky touches. Though this single is little bit different from their previous tracks, but the more you listen to it, the more it will shine on your playlist.

9. Ending Scene – IU

#9 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: ‘Ending scene’ is a single from IU’s latest album Palette. This music video featuring actor Kim Soo Hyun is enchanting, soothing and heartbreaking. Yes, all three at once!

10. Perhaps Love – Gugudan (gx9)

#10 Top K-pop Songs Of 2017: ‘Perhaps Love’ is a single by the girl group Gugudan in association with Jellyfish Entertainment. This nine member girl group debuted in 2016 with a mini album. The music video featuring Korean heart-throb Kim Ji-soo is beautiful, sweet, and angelic. The song suits really very well with the adorable MV.

Also, the k-pop fans are eagerly waiting for the comeback album of EXO-L this July!

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